Ministry of Commerce of Thailand endorses “Thai Food, the World’s Food” policy statement to cope up with the growing world population

“Private Sector-led policy with Government Supporting” and “Thai Food Soft Power” strategies are now all set to welcome global buyers to “THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2023”

BANGKOK, THAILAND – May 26th, 2023 – Thailand, Ministry of Commerce is intent on implementing the “Thai Food, the World’s Food” policy to support the food demand of the global market that tends to grow in parallel with the increasing population by optimizing Private Sector-led policy with Government Supporting to reduce all barriers that could obstruct export activities and promote the Soft Power to make people around the world know and become fond of Thai food. He has also assigned the Department of International Trade Promotion to jointly organize THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2023 with the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Koelnmesse in order to bring in more than 95,000 visitors from all over the world to be an active part of a trade negation with local Thai food and beverage entrepreneurs. This event is expected to generate a trade value of over 70 billion baht. 

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, stated that food industry definitely plays an important role in the global economy. The driving factor that mainly affects this fundamental industry is global population growth which is estimated to reach 10 billion by 2050, from today’s figure of 8 billion. Such significant increase will correspondingly lead to fast-growing food demand. For this reason, many countries become aware of possible food shortage that may arise in the future. Although they have active Food Self-Sufficiency policies on hand, it could be insufficient when considering the actual population trend. 

“Thailand has maintained its real strength in the food industry due to its uninterrupted abundance. The country is a source of many important agricultural products such as rice, vegetables, fruits and cassava.  It is also well known for excellent food processing know-how, inventions of food innovation, safety standards, and sustainability concept. Moreover, Thailand is able to serve the global market’s quick changing demand and has the potential to export in such an excellent way that it has been named the kitchen of the world.  The Ministry of Commerce’s dynamic Thai Food, the World’s food policy also made Thailand the 15th biggest food exporter in the world in 2022 with an export value of 1.36 trillion baht,    a 22.7% increase from the previous year” said Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit.

He also added that part of the remarkable success in Thai food export comes from the government and the Ministry of Commerce’s cooperative policy that provides concrete support for export activities by applying Private Sector-led policy with Government Supporting. This method lets the private sectors with high expertise take the lead and the government co-assists by reducing all kinds of export obstacles, setting up a joint committee on commerce to define a concrete export strategy, work together closely to solve problems on site, and proactively find solutions for rapid accomplishment. 

Another highlighted policy is the promotion of Thai food Soft Power with the purpose of making people around the world know and adore Thai food with its unique charm. This will in turn lead to a higher demand for Thai products and services. The Department of International Trade Promotion has taken vigorous action in this regard and will relentlessly continue its mission.

“THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2023 is actually another important part of moving forward Thai food as a hub of the Word’s Food. This event repeatedly emphasizes the potential of Thailand as a leading producer and exporter of world-class quality food and is a major annual platform that allows Thai entrepreneurs to meet, do a trade negotiation and form business networks with importers around the world, increasing their opportunity to expand their export to overseas markets. The great on-site edition of THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA is back again this year, same as before the COVID-19 pandemic, while its online edition THAIFEX Virtual Trade Show is also available to serve those who look for convenience without a need to travel”, said Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit.

In this year event, at “THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2023”, more than 3,000 exhibitors, including Thai and international exhibitors, are present with almost 6,000 booths from over 40 countries. More than 95,000 visitors from 140 countries with trade value over 70 billion baht for Thailand are expected.

Hilight day 1: 23 May 2023 –

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