Precious Café Is Redefining the Culinary Experience with The Launch of Its Combo Breakfast, Lunch, and Coffee Offer

The café is determined to make everyone who walks through its doors feel like family as they are treated to Southern and soul-style foods

Sitting with a fresh, hot cup of coffee, having quality conversations, and enjoying a hearty breakfast are some of the quality privileges that cafés offer its clients. The soothing atmosphere brought on by soft music and the tantalizing aroma of coffee is an opportunity for families and friends to have times of stillness, keep each other updated about their lives, and forge deeper connections. Precious Café is on a mission to cultivate this warm atmosphere for residents in the Lake County Florida area.

Precious Café is a locally owned café established with love and operated by the wife of a veteran. The café introduces two different, yet amazing, concepts to its clients as they are served rich cups of coffee from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then delicious and filling breakfast and lunch platters from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. From espressos to cappuccinos, Frappuccino, and boba teas, the customer is set to enjoy the array of affordable coffees. For $3 to $6, customers are assured of refreshing non-coffee drinks such as brown sugar boba, tiger milk boba, chai tea, raspberry kombucha, and strawberry mojito.

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Furthermore, the café boasts the presence of a renowned chef with over two decades of experience presenting an array of local and international dishes in the finest restaurants. The chef displays top-notch culinary skills on the Precious Café menu, ensuring a highly rewarding experience for all customers. The café is also committed to the health of its clientele, as all the ingredients used in the Precious Café kitchen are sourced fresh from the local farmers markets within the area.

Precious Café is ideal for young couples with little children, as the kid’s menu comprises easy and satisfying foods such as burgers, macaroni and cheese, and chicken tenders, to name a few. The café also hosts poetry day for the locals on Saturdays. For customers who may be unable to pick up their order themselves, Precious Café provides the convenient options of pick-up and delivery facilitated by, where meals are packaged in a way that maintains their quality and premium dining experience, anywhere and anytime.

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About Precious Café

Precious Café was established by food enthusiast and culinary expert Maggie Bohnert, with the desire to create a space where family and friends can eat and laugh together. The location of the café is a landmark, as the Precious Café building was the first post office in Altoona, Florida.

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