Explore the Highlights of Aviation Evolution with Norman Currey’s 2022 book, Airplane Stories and Histories

English author Norman Currey delves into two centuries of aviation history, covering the major developments and exploits of flight pioneers like the Wright brothers through discussions about how future flight machines may look.

After spending decades in the aviation industry as an aeronautical engineer, author Norman Currey combined a love of history with his extensive and varied knowledge to create Airplane Stories and Histories. The book shares the significant developments of aviation design from the past to the future, along with stories from the trailblazers who made air travel possible. 

“Discover stories of the adventures had by pioneers such as Sir George Cayley, the Wright brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Wiley Post, Amelia Earhart, R.J. Mitchell, Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, Allan Loughead, Frank Whittle, and Kelly Johnson,” Currey said.

Currey discusses notable events and developments, sharing the inventions and adventures that paved the (run)way from modern aviation. Starting with the first airplanes and expanding through the first Atlantic flights, the craft used in World Wars, the creation of jet engines, and post-war designs, concluding with a discussion on what the future of aviation may look like.  

Lending a lifetime of aviation knowledge

Norman Currey was born in 1926 in Yorkshire, England, becoming an aeronautical engineer in 1948. He worked as a stress engineer on the de Havilland Comet before going to Canada to help design the Jetliner and Arrow. Currey spent 30 years at Lockheed, lending his expertise to the C-130 JetStar, C-5, and other special projects. 

Currently, Currey is a chartered engineer and a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He has given fascinating lectures on aviation in the US and abroad, introducing enthusiasts to new and exciting information about the history and future of aviation. Currey is also the author of Aircraft Landing Gear Design: Principles and Practices. 

Overwhelmingly positive reviews

Readers praised Airplane Histories and Stories for the detailed well-researched history suitable for everyone from complete novices to experienced enthusiasts. 

“Where Currey excels is putting aviation’s milestones into a historical context, showing how it all fits into the bigger picture of the times at hand,” reviewer Anastasia Styles said. 

Through the historical journey, Currey covers the technological advantages and challenges that have shaped aviation innovation and development through the years. 

Another reviewer, Taylor Kirk, said, “The Wright brothers would be proud. This is a very informative and engaging book that provides a detailed look at the history of aviation. Currey is a respected expert in the field of aeronautical engineering, and his knowledge and expertise are evident in this book.”

Offered by multiple online retailers

—  Amazon offers the book online in Kindle and paperback formats.
—  Barnes and Noble offers the book in hardcover, paperback, eBook, and large print formats. 


Readers can discover incredible stories about the history of aviation with Currey’s in-depth and informative insight into the industry in Airplane Histories and Stories. 

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