IANONI shines at the Salt Lake City Outdoor Sports Equipment Exhibition in the United States.

Recently, the 2023 Salt Lake City Outdoor Sports Expo was held at the Salt Lake City International Convention Center in Utah, USA. The Salt Lake City Outdoor Sports Gear Expo is one of the top outdoor gear exhibitions globally.

IANONI is a brand designed and developed in the United States but produced in China, and Caston Sports is China’s largest racket and accessories specialist manufacturer. After careful preparation and relying on their exquisite craftsmanship, high-performance carbon fiber materials became a major highlight in the industry, attracting many visitors to stop and watch during the exhibition.


The IANONI ELITE, IANONI PRO, IANONI SERENDIPITY, and IANONI CHILDLIKE series of rackets that appeared at this exhibition have only two core standards: easy to play with and high functionality, and durable enough to withstand high-frequency and high-intensity hits. These core parameters, such as softness/hardness, smoothness of the hitting surface, rely heavily on the application of advanced technology, particularly in the area of material science.

A racket was created through multiple professional evaluations and feedback from professional players. Taking IANONI PRO as an example, its material is T700 friction carbon fiber, forming a naturally smooth textured surface, which enhances spin and control, and achieves high-quality shots. With a single 8mm PP honeycomb core, the consistency across the entire surface ensures that pickleball players achieve perfect balance between control and power, fully demonstrating the Chinese craftsmanship’s pursuit of excellence.

Since being founded 13 years ago, the company has been constantly conducting extensive research on innovative materials and technologies. Based on feedback from professional athletes and test results from professional testing agencies, the company has designed and invented a series of branded products. In the future, the company will continue to improve its innovation technology system, adhere to the company vision of “Let Sport Praise Life,” rationally respond to market demands, and create more high-quality products to serve the vast number of pickleball enthusiasts.

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