Mohammed Bin Tarjim Contributes to the winning of Al Khobar Al Shamalia Identity Challenge, Showcasing Strategic Expertise and City Branding Passion

Mohammed Bin Tarjim Contributes to the winning of Al Khobar Al Shamalia Identity Challenge, Showcasing Strategic Expertise and City Branding Passion

Mohammed Bin Tarjim, a renowned communication and marketing expert with a proven track record in strategic marketing and business development, has recently participated in the highly anticipated Al Khobar Al Shamalia Identity Challenge. The challenge, organized by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture “Ithra” in collaboration with the Eastern Region Municipality – Al Khobar Municipality, Retal Company, and the Wajah initiative, aims to develop a comprehensive identity strategy for Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Saudi Arabia.

Inspired by his passion for Al Khobar Al Shamalia as a city and his expertise in City Branding, Mohammed Bin Tarjim eagerly applied to be part of this groundbreaking challenge.

With over 20 years of experience in communication and marketing, Mohammed Bin Tarjim brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the challenge. His diverse background, which includes strategic marketing, content creation, and brand development, proved invaluable in shaping the identity strategy and written content for the project.

Joined by a team of talented individuals, which included an architect, a designer and a visual identity specialist, Mohammed Bin Tarjim embarked on a journey to create a cohesive and compelling identity for Al Khobar Al Shamalia. The team’s diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ages contributed significantly to the project’s success.

The implementation of the project has commenced at the intersections of Prince Turki Street and Prince Talal Street on Street 22 in Al Khobar Al Shamalia. The team’s approach revolves around highlighting the city’s modernity while simultaneously underscoring its historical significance and the imperative of preserving and revitalizing its heritage. Through the incorporation of the concept of “New Memories,” which reflects the city’s youthful energy and creative spirit, the team endeavors to attract increased visitors, investments, and attention to the region by promoting new venues and landmarks.

Mohammed Bin Tarjim’s dedication to the project was evident when he went above and beyond to gather resources for the development of the strategy and written content. He even reached out for help on social media and received an unexpected response. His Royal Highness, Deputy Governor of the Eastern Province, Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman, ensured Mohammed Bin Tarjim received a copy of the book he needed. This gesture further fueled his passion and commitment to the project.

Reflecting on his experience, Mohammed Bin Tarjim expressed his gratitude to His Royal Highness for his continuous support and care. He also acknowledged the positive movement taking place in Saudi Arabia, driven by the inspiring vision of Saudi Vision 2030 and the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Mohammed Bin Tarjim’s participation in the Al Khobar Al Shamalia Identity Challenge exemplifies the transformative power of such initiatives in driving sustainable prosperity for the region and its people.

About Mohammed Bin Tarjim:

Mohammed Bin Tarjim is a seasoned communication and marketing expert with a strong focus on strategic marketing, business development, media, social media, and event management. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, he has collaborated with private, government, semi-government, and nonprofit organizations, consistently delivering exceptional results and effectively leading teams to achieve well-crafted objectives.

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