GPTT, an AIWeb3 integration experiment, is about to begin


With the popularity of ChatGPT, the waves of AI and Web3 are sweeping across the globe. These two new technologies, Web3 and AI, mutually enhance each other, bringing forth numerous new narratives and leaving a vast space for imagination in the market.

The current capital market shows great favor towards AIWeb3 products. For instance, AIDOG, launched in April this year, saw a 218% increase within two days. Projects like (FET), SingularityNET (AGIX), Ocean Protocol (Ocean), and others also rank high in terms of market growth., born in the spring of 2023, is an AI-powered civilian platform based on Web3 and serves as an integration experiment of AIWeb3.

AI technologies represented by GPT have been widely applied in various industries such as finance, education, media, and entertainment. GPT is not merely a standalone new technology; it brings about a series of iterations in the operational logic of society, and the same applies to the Web3 world.

GPT, as a productivity tool, can significantly improve the development speed, optimize user experience, and create new value for Web3 applications. As a knowledge engine, it can also reduce the interaction and learning costs between users and DApps, enabling more users to enter the Web3 world of GPTT platform and beyond.

On the other hand, adopting Web3’s decentralized mechanism can democratize AI from its core aspects. Through decentralized training and usage of AI, the GPTT platform allows better protection of user data privacy while providing opportunities for users to be rewarded through the use and sharing of data.

Furthermore, with the economic model design of Web3, many AI application projects can improve capital utilization and boost user acquisition and engagement. The GPTT platform attracts more participants to contribute to the development of AI-powered civilian services by offering token rewards, promoting resource sharing and collaboration. Community participants can also engage in decentralized market transactions and use tokens to purchase AI assistant services in education, entertainment, finance, and more, facilitating transactions and collaboration in the market. This mechanism of value flow makes the development of the GPTT platform more flexible and efficient.

If we consider Web3, built on blockchain, as representing updated production relationships, then AI undoubtedly represents the most advanced production tool of this era. The combination of AI and Web3 is undergoing a marvelous chemical reaction, and we eagerly await the results.

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