From Private Investigator to Discovering Abdullah: the Journey of Rebekah Jane Carter

From Private Investigator to Discovering Abdullah: the Journey of Rebekah Jane Carter

Born at the tail end of “GenX,” Rebekah Jane Carter grew up in Lacey, Washington. Her grandparents said that Rebekah practically came into the world with a pad of paper and pen. Even before she could understand the letters she was drawing, she would kneel for hours at their coffee table “writing up a storm.”

From watching crime shows to Prison Tour Guide & Private Investigator

Rebekah was more “aloof” and “introverted,” preferring to spend her time roaming her grandparent’s acreage, chasing and building rabbit traps her grandfather taught her how to set (so she could have one as a pet), having prank wars with him, sitting on mossy rocks by their creek daydreaming and writing stories, doing lots of arts and crafts, etc. She also fondly recalls roller-blading around her grandfather’s pool table while blasting Golden Oldies (“Boomer”) music, watching a lot of crime and detective shows with him, listening to his stories about his police detective days and what it was like growing up in the Great Depression and fighting in World War II. She also spent much of her time playing her clarinet (that she later went to All State Band and then to Bible College with the help of a fine arts scholarship, where she graduated from with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management).

Rebekah originally went to college to become a teacher and missionary to the meninos de rua in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but had a terrifying psychic experience and vision while in Brazil (that she mentions in her book YOU ARE IN BARBADOS) that didn’t fit with the Christian theology she was raised in and completely rocked her world. She kept dropping out of college and changing her major. Unable to decide on what she really wanted to do, she ended up finishing her degree while working in state government full-time.

Rebekah truly has a fascinating career history. In her early 20’s, she was a tour guide at the old McNeil Island Corrections Center (where she admits it was a hoot acquiescing law student requests to be “locked up” behind the old jail cell bars). Part of the requirements entailed going through a “Correctional Academy” where she was taught to apply restraints, conduct cell and vehicle searches, etc., which she really enjoyed and was so good that officers kept trying to recruit her to join the SERT team. However, scared of getting raped on the job, she took up kickboxing and still didn’t feel safe so she transferred to the Attorney General’s Office where she worked the front desk of their main building, responding to calls coming in from all over the state.

Rebekah quickly promoted to other positions in state government including Revenue Agent and Lead Auditor/Urgent Claim Investigator. Her uncanny natural abilities to quickly find “sneaky devils” that no one else could were discovered and she ended up developing her own “skip-tracing” methods that she taught other revenue agents and auditors. After working on a project assignment as a Business Analyst (B.A.), she went on contract for the Office of Personnel Management  as a Private Investigator conducting background investigations.

Although it was exciting for Rebekah to hold up her badge imagining she was Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, she quickly became bored. She went back to work as a B.A., and then as a paralegal and judicial assistant in Administrative law that offered greater flexibility so she could spend more time with her three babies. 

Love of Bible & research

When she was a child, Rebekah enjoyed sitting for long periods of time thumbing through all of her grandfather’s National Geographic magazines and old encyclopedias. She loved learning and memorizing things like the Preamble to the Constitution and large portions of the Old King James version of the Bible. She beat the deacons in a Bible memory match and was a top competitor on the Bible quiz team.

Rebekah was the first graduate from her church’s “new Honor S.T.A.R.” program (“S.T.A.R.” stands for four women in the Bible: Suzanna, Tabitha, Anna and Ruth), which is like a cross-between the Girl Scouts and the more cult-like Job’s Daughters (which her mother had been in). For graduation, the church basically threw her a huge wedding ceremony for her “crowning.” She still remembers walking down the aisle as a “bride of Christ” in a wedding-like dress her grandmother sewed for her. In hindsight, Rebekah thought it ironic that her grandmother would give disapproving looks at her grandfather whenever he tried to show her things that she later learned were masonic; researching Abdullah triggered memories of those things.

In high school, Rebekah “tried to do more normal things” like joining the ski club, but became involved in church youth leadership and fine arts. When she wasn’t working, she was leading “Saturday Night Alive Groups,” morning prayer gatherings and was also the president of the campus Bible club. She was also a long-distance runner.

Then came Abdullah

Her intensity and passion for studying the Bible lasted beyond Bible college, even after she left western Christianity and almost converted to Judaism, but died down in her mid-twenties to late thirties. Coming across Abdullah while studying Black history—and hearing his interpretations of Scripture that he taught Neville—stirred up something within her. She began reading the Bible again; it was like getting reacquainted with a very dear old friend.

Rebekah is now an author and instructor. Her book, YOU ARE IN BARBADOS, is about Abdullah, his teachings (“the Law of Assumption” that he taught Neville) and also shares her own manifesting insights based on her personal experiences and successes. She likens Abdullah to the “Holy Grail” that she sought after and researched for well over two years. The five-star reviews she has been receiving and compliments on the quality of her research are not surprising given her upbringing and background; readers are eager for the next books in the series that share even more from her research on this mysterious mentor of Neville Goddard.

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