Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd Focuses its Expertise and Endeavors on Initiatives Pertaining to Limestone Mining

Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd Focuses its Expertise and Endeavors on Initiatives Pertaining to Limestone Mining
Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd will direct all its business experience to produce only high-quality limestone with the required customer parameters.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is one of the investors in Thailand for the mining and processing of limestone in the Lampang province. The company has partnered with a well-known local company in Thailand to invest in a new joint venture that aims to establish a significantly more efficient method of limestone extraction in the local quarry. The joint venture will explore large reserves of limestone in Lampang using European equipment and expertise from global mining companies. The plan is to increase both the production volume and improve the quality of the products.

Although limestone mining is conducted worldwide in large volumes, the market demands of quality products constanlty increase. Limestone is widely used as a secondary component for the production of fertilizers, soda, sugar, paper, glass, and in the metallurgical industry. It is considered a primary component for lime and cement production. Limestone is also widely used to manufacture plastic, paint, rubber, soap, and for foundation construction and road building.

The demand for limestone is steadily growing not only in the global but also in the European and Asian markets, as it is widely used in the construction, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The joint venture will focus on the methods of extraction and processing to increase the quality and purity of the products to compete in the European market.

Bel Trading & Consulting’s knowledge of the local market and the implementation of new technology and equipment should play a positive role and show quick results. The quarry has a large number of specialized heavy excavators that produce fast rock loosening, both mechanically and hydraulically. The most cost-effective method of rock mining is the use of a special excavator with a hydraulic ripper, which has lower operating costs than mining with an ordinary excavator.

In the past, limestone was successfully used in the construction of large structures, such as the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian pyramids, and many others. Some of them were built more than a thousand years ago and have been well preserved. The progressive direction of using purified limestone is now the manufacture of mineral supplements for livestock and poultry feed.

Bel Trading & Consulting, through its activities in various countries, creates new jobs for the local population and always follows all prescribed environmental standards. Using its previous experience in mining, each subsequent project is implemented faster and more efficiently, achieving new results. The company’s principle of operation is the preservation of nature and the use of only environmentally friendly solutions and technologies.

One of the plans of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is to develop and expand new stages and technologies for sorting, cleaning, and packaging limestone for the needs of the chemical and food industries. This is the only way for the product  to compete freely with products from other quarries.

The exchange of experience between the partners of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd serves to improve the entire raw material mining and processing chain, and its delivery to the final consumer.

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