Galaxy Finance obtains $30 million in Series B funding to grow its Web3 Wallet platform and bolster financial education efforts

Galaxy Finance has secured $30 million in Series B funding to grow its Web3 Wallet and initiatives focused on financial education. The funding round included prominent investors such as BlackP, QCP Ventures, and Tally Ventures. This infusion of capital will enable Galaxy Finance to enhance its services and expand its reach in the fast-growing Southeast Asian market.

Galaxy Finance is a leading platform for Web3 wallets, offering a comprehensive solution for storing digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. In addition to the typical wallet functionalities, Galaxy Finance stands out by providing a unique social platform that encourages interaction among cryptocurrency users. The platform also recognizes the importance of education and aims to bridge the gap between technology and new users in developing countries. It offers learning materials and resources, including an accessible “Finance 101” program, to empower newcomers and facilitate their entry into the crypto market.

Having already achieved significant milestones, including a successful $8 million Series A funding round, Galaxy Finance has become the top Web3 wallet provider in Southeast Asia with rapid user adoption.

The involvement of esteemed investors such as BlackP, QCP Ventures, and Tally Ventures highlights Galaxy Finance’s appeal and potential. Each investor brings their expertise and focus to the table, with BlackP specializing in Series B/C investments, QCP Ventures aiming to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance, and Tally Ventures serving North American crypto whales.

With the Series B funding, Galaxy Finance plans to enhance several key features. This includes expanding the wallet’s capabilities to support new blockchain networks and integrate with decentralized exchanges (DEXs), transforming it into an all-in-one solution for end-users and developers. Additionally, the integration of AI technology will enable users to make informed decisions and optimize their crypto portfolios based on user behavior analysis. The platform’s DeFi ecosystem will also be expanded to provide seamless access to decentralized finance services such as lending platforms, DEXs, and profit aggregators.

Apart from feature improvements, the Series B funding will be utilized for targeted marketing and sales efforts tailored to the unique characteristics of different countries in the vast Southeast Asian market. Galaxy Finance aims to establish a strong presence in every corner of this fertile market by leveraging a team of business ambassadors located across various countries.

As Galaxy Finance solidifies its position as a market leader in Southeast Asia, it also has plans for global expansion. By combining a feature-rich Web3 wallet, comprehensive financial education programs, and strategic partnerships with renowned investors, Galaxy Finance aims to become a prominent player in the evolving crypto industry landscape.

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