Karii: The Pioneer of English IRL Streaming in Portugal

Renowned as Karii by the online community, Carolina Alegria is no ordinary content creator. A full-time veri1ed creator on Twitch, she has sculpted her path from posting videos on Youtube at the age of 13, to being a beacon of inspiration for aspiring content creators across Portugal. Her leap of faith from playing computer games to real-life streaming, essentially capturing her daily life in live-action, marked a turning point in her career.

The inception of her journey on Twitch started 1ve years ago, with a desire to connect with her online friends around the world. Her bold move to switch to English content not only expanded her reach but also positioned her as the 1rst English speaker and second-ever IRL (In Real Life) streamer in Portugal.

A notable highlight of Karii’s career is the ful1lling experience she shared with her community when she ful1lled her grandmother’s lifelong dream of visiting London. Her authenticity, brought to life through her live streams, resonated deeply with her community, giving them an intimate sense of involvement in this heartfelt journey.

A few more feathers in Karii’s cap include receiving veri1cation on Twitch, making her a partnered Twitch streamer, being invited to speak at various gaming events in Portugal, and securing a sponsorship from Chips Ahoy, one of Portugal’s leading cookie brands. Her accolades have earned her recognition from many prominent Twitch Streamers, some of whom she will be meeting at the upcoming Twitch Con Event in Paris in July.

Yet, the journey was not without challenges. For Karii, convincing her parents about her passion and establishing a career in a nascent 1eld with no guide or mentor was demanding. Despite these hurdles and armed with her degree in Marketing and Advertising, she courageously embarked on this voyage and has been independent since 2021.

Karii’s philosophy is rooted in her desire to foster a safe and open space for her community. From expressing her feelings candidly to carrying out charity streams for animal shelters and the homeless, Karii is committed to making the world a better place.

Her aspirations include growing her community, exploring the world, and sharing her experiences. She dreams of traveling across Europe with her dog in a caravan and starting a business in the future. She also envisions a unique venture of living on a farm and live-streaming her experiences there.

Karii’s impact is visible not only in the growth of IRL Streaming in Portugal but also in the number of aspiring content creators reaching out to her for guidance. She has initiated a new trend and has been instrumental in ushering in a new era of streaming in Portugal.

Follow her adventures on Twitch, Instagram, and Youtube. Her candid introduction video on Youtube gives a deep insight into who she is and what she does.

Karii’s journey and achievements have been recognized and featured on various online platforms, as she continues to rede1ne content creation in her own unique ways. Her story stands as a testament that when passion meets courage, the outcomes are extraordinary. She is not just a content creator; she is a trailblazer, paving the way for future creators and setting an unmatched benchmark in the world of IRL Streaming.

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