NCS Hair Solutions Transforms Lives with Innovative Hair Care Anchored on Medical Expertise

Dr. John Brix McNair and Mendeys Yim lead the way in revolutionizing the hair care industry.

Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, economies worldwide have been severely impacted, and individuals have faced the challenges of lockdowns and restricted movement. The beauty industry, including hair salons and centers, has not been spared from these effects, particularly in Hong Kong, where the rising number of infections forced closures. However, one hair care center, NCS Hair Solutions, rose above adversity and continued operating by adapting to the circumstances.

NCS Hair Solutions, led by the visionary founder and CEO, Mendeys Yim, recognized the needs of their customers during the pandemic. With people staying at home and unable to visit the salon, NCS Hair Solutions took an innovative approach to ensure their clients could continue their treatments conveniently. Dr. John Brix McNair, a General Consultant and respected figure in the medical field, formulated a groundbreaking solution in just three months: the Pink Treatment.

The Pink Treatment became a game-changer for NCS Hair Solutions. This multi-functional product offered customers the opportunity to address various hair concerns at home. Additionally, the Hair Grow Booster, boasting a 100% guarantee, and the Hair Nourishing Treatment to control/prevent white hair further enriched their product line.

The individual packaging of these treatments brought joy to customers, enabling them to maintain their hair care routine with ease. NCS Hair Solutions embraced diversification and optimization, effectively addressing customer needs. The brand’s products are made in natural form to make them suitable for cancer patients too. All of them passed the international testing with FDA certificates and SGS testing, proving there are no harmful ingredients to humans in the products, especially for cancer patients.

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About NCS Hair Solutions

NCS Hair Solutions, led by CEO Mendeys Yim, is a trailblazing hair care center renowned for its revolutionary approach. Driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction and health, NCS Hair Solutions, with the guidance of Dr. John Brix McNair, offers innovative natural hair and face treatments, transforming lives and instilling confidence.

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