Introducing ’96 Bars of Success – Brief History of Music’ by Dominion Oludayo: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners in Music Composition

If you’re new to the world of music composition and have no idea where to begin, you are at the right place. ’96 Bars of Success – Brief History of Music’ by Dominion Oludayo is the best guide for beginners that can help you learn music terminologies.

It can be overwhelming for aspiring composers and students who didn’t get a chance to learn music in school to learn the art of music composition. Dominion has skillfully created this masterpiece that covers all the foundational principles of music composition.

Dominion believes that art composition should be taught at an early age, just like how curriculum books are taught in school. ’96 Bars of Success- Brief History of Music’ symbolizes the significance that understanding the ancestral roots of music is essential. It aims to enlighten people by exploring the rich history of music and its transformative power.

Its innovative design and features offer young students a platform to hone their skills while allowing teachers to monitor their progress and provide valuable feedback. ’96 Bars of Success- Brief History of Music’ offers a range of insights and practical exercises for developing your music composition skills. These activities will enable children to explore different genres, experiment with instruments, and nurture their own creative abilities.

From the use of primitive flutes to modern music technology, this book covers it all. The book also provides a glossary of musical terms that makes it easy for readers to understand the complexities of music composition.

Learning music composition is no more challenging with this groundbreaking resource. Dominion believes in breaking down the barriers that often make it difficult for artists to collaborate and share their work. It’s time to fall in love with learning music and hone your skills as a singer and composer with ’96 Bars of Success – Brief History of Music’ by Dominion Oludayo. You can order from the website or Amazon.

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