New Afro and Caribbean Music Sensation Looking to Revolutionize the Music Industry

Coroncoro, a music mogul is making waves in the music industry. He started singing at the tender age of eight, influenced by his grandmother who was a musician. He had his first concert at nine and then started to sing in the church for many years before he started to pursue a music career.

Inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, Coroncoro is focused on Afro and Caribbean music which includes a lot of genres like hip hop, RnB, Afrobeats, reggaeton, dancehall, reggae, and electronic.

His storytelling using music is unique as he takes inspiration for creativity from different backgrounds he has experienced. “My story telling is unique and I take aesthetics and narration from the different sites I’ve lived then put all those things on a song to convey feelings like how I was feeling when I was living those situations I sing,” Coroncoro said.

He has collaborated with known music figures in Colombia like Marimonda Blues, Loyd Beat, Lamparita from Mitu, Andres from natural selection, Phillip Morris, Goldo, Charly, and Jairo the saxophonist from Monsieur Perine. In the United States, he has been working with Tristan Boston, who is a Grammy award winner in the reggae genre – he won it producing Damian Marley’s album. He is always open to collaborations and loves to work with various musicians to set different hues on his music as he believes people can listen to any kind of music they like.

Coroncoro’s music captures things that he feels and stories about his life that could resonate with listeners of all backgrounds. His innate ability to create heartfelt music with captivating lyrics leaves his listeners wanting more.

“Well I sing about all the things I feel, stories about my life that could be your story too, and don’t stop until I show those stories, moments or instances in a song. I take inspiration from my daily living and my family is always there. I can take inspiration from other artist sometimes, maybe another already solve some situation you’re going through and those songs brings you the feel you need so is a big world full of different tastes making the mine unique.”

As Coroncoro embarks on his musical journey, stay tuned for exciting releases on Apple music store, Spotify and follow him on social media platforms (,

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