WMF stage operation route, Zallvenus Coin’s concept of fair distribution of global wealth

On May 25 this year, Tools for Humanity, an encryption project Worldcoin development company owned by OpenAI (ChatGPT) CEO Sam Altman, announced the completion of a $115 million Series C round of financing. This round of financing was led by Blockchain Capital, with participation from a16z, Bain Capital Crypto and Distributed Global. Worldcoin is building the world’s largest identity and open-source financial network protocol. Its goal is to achieve universal access to the global economy, regardless of country or background, accelerating the transition to an economic future that welcomes and benefits everyone on the planet.

WMF was born based on the concept of Worldcoin

Based on the concept of Worldcoin, the WMF (full name world mutual fund) world mutual fund project is proposed for countries that cannot pass the ORB certification. As a third-party operating platform of worldcoin, through the operation of WMF, citizens around the world can get public wealth distribution, so that everyone has the opportunity to share the growth of world wealth.


WMF stage operation route

In the promotion plan, the operation of WMF will be divided into two stages: in the first stage, users can obtain Worldcoin through the computing power snap-up incentive mechanism, which will help WMF establish a complete Worldcoin financial system in different countries and regions. In this stage, users have different ways of holding currency addresses; in the second stage, ZVC tokens will be born, and different ways of holding currency addresses will be unified. Registered members will have the right to subscribe for ZVC through computing power, and the earliest participants will receive direct Proceeds issued. Members who lose their subscription rights due to the rush to buy these benefits will also get more than double the benefits.

The extension and expansion of ZVC based on the concept of Worldcoin

The full name of ZVC is Zallvenus Coin, which is also committed to achieving a fair distribution of global wealth. Its innovative community reward distribution mechanism allows more people to have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the tokens of the concept of fair distribution of wealth, which is based on the extension of the Worldcoin concept. The difference from Worldcoin is that ZVC has noticed the important role of early community participants in promoting ecological sustainable development, and feeds back part of the ecological benefits to early participants as an incentive.

Detailed explanation of ZVC’s stage development plan

The total circulation of ZVC is only 2 billion, which is 80% less than the total circulation of Worldcoin, which is naturally rare; special transaction speed, advanced security, and specific purposes make ZVC distinctly unique; from the Worldcoin community Strength and stability contribute to the value and security of ZVC coins. At this stage, ZVC will be launched on well-known exchanges, and early holders can clearly feel that the heat and liquidity of the market will be greatly improved. This is attractive to holders, as the higher yield ratio will continue to attract more new supporters from the market.

ZVC believes in the inherent value and equality of every human being, which is achievable in the blockchain technology and encryption field. Always respect the right to personal privacy, and strive for equal wealth growth rights for citizens of all countries and regions around the world in all open economic activities. Follow Worldcoin and learn more about ZVC, please continue to pay attention to its official information!

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