Captivating Art and Stories Come Alive in Eloy’s Simpatico Books

Eloy, a talented artist based in New York City, is thrilled to announce the launch of Simpatico Books, where art and storytelling intertwine to create a mesmerizing experience. Eloy’s passion for both art and storytelling is showcased in his stunning collection, The Broken Skyline Series, comprising 29 volumes that delve into societal issues against the backdrop of the vibrant city.

Within The Broken Skyline Series and his Sketches series, Eloy explores a diverse range of captivating topics. For instance, in the Sunoco Loves McDonald’s Artbook, he addresses environmentalism by depicting the “Birth of Garbage Bag.” The gripping We Live Inside Maps Parts 1 & 2 vividly portrays the housing bubble crash of 2008, while the Tenement Versus Crane trilogy sheds light on the increasing rents in New York City.

Eloy’s unique artistic perspective illuminates these pressing issues through Art Books that inspire meaningful conversations and reflection.

Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking artwork and immersed in the profound yet simple narratives within The Broken Skyline, Sketches, Early Works, and Flip to the End Series. Each page turn reveals Eloy’s storytelling prowess and his ability to depict the human experience through paintings, drawings, and photography.

In addition to his artistic and literary talent, Eloy introduces NYC Stain Photography, a unique art form that uncovers the extraordinary in the ordinary. By transforming stains found throughout New York City into remarkable art pieces, Eloy’s lens reveals the hidden beauty of the city streets, reminding us to appreciate artistry in unexpected places.

Alongside his artbooks, Eloy presents a compelling collection of 5 Flip to the End storybooks and Landback, a short story that explores a better America.

These narratives transport readers to the vibrant streets of New York City, Eloy’s transformative experiences in the Amazon Jungle, and the heart of social justice.

Eloy’s eBooks offer more than just words and pictures. They provide a dynamic artistic experience. With videos incorporated into them, another one of his art forms.

Like the So Many Galleries installments presented throughout the series Flip to the End, his exposé of the NYC art scene. “Ebooks themselves are my preferred new medium. Through my artbooks, storybooks, and NYC Stain Photography,

I aim to foster conversations about important issues and inspire others to see beauty in the ordinary.” Eloy says.

Each eBook is a masterpiece, combining stunning artwork with compelling narratives. Some are also available in Spanish, derived from the titles of his paintings.


Simpatico Books revolutionizes self-publishing by offering readers a unique experience that merges stunning artwork with purpose and vision. The eBooks are available in various digital formats, allowing readers to enjoy Eloy’s creations on their preferred devices.

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