Robotabc is preparing for a new round of negotiations with the South African government to create more employment opportunities and online work channels

According to a report on June 20th, after the initial round of negotiations between the renowned quantitative trading platform Robotabc and the South African government, Robotabc has completed the necessary preliminary work and is now preparing for a new round of negotiations. Robotabc plans to engage in digital economy business in South Africa, recruit local employees, and establish office locations. The South African government will cooperate with Robotabc and provide support during the platform’s compliant operation, including dynamically updating tax policies.

Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is the second-largest economy in the African region, with a more stable domestic economic development compared to other African countries. According to data released by Statistics South Africa, the country’s GDP reached 4.6 trillion rand last year, reaching a historic high. Additionally, South Africa has a relatively high level of internet penetration in the African region. With its continuously improving market economy and increasing internet penetration rate, South Africa has created a favorable environment for the development of its digital economy. For Robotabc, expanding business in the South African market with potential will be a new driver of growth.

For South Africa, the digital economy will be the long-term main theme of development and will also provide fast-growing opportunities. Collaborating with Robotabc will accelerate this process. Based on Robotabc’s achievements in core infrastructure technology construction, the integration of industries and digitization, new digital models, and network security, the collaboration will directly contribute to the continued improvement of the local digital economy sector.

A spokesperson for the South African government stated, “We look forward to this exchange and have high expectations for future cooperation. As a digital service platform with comprehensive equipment, specialized management, and sophisticated application-level services, Robotabc can not only provide high-quality products and services to the local market, driving local industry upgrades, but also contribute to the local economy by assisting local laborers with employment needs.”

Established in 2013, Robotabc has been deeply involved in the digital economy field for many years. With mature IT technology and investment experience in the financial industry, the platform collaborates with major cryptocurrency exchanges and provides quantitative asset management for Robotabc users. With outstanding strength and market performance, Robotabc offers high-quality quantitative trading solutions to partners and clients, increasing currency circulation and enabling investors to achieve long-term success, which is why Robotabc is welcomed worldwide.

Robotabc remains open to everyone while maintaining a high level of independence. Its operations in South Africa will create more opportunities for local employment and online work. For global customers, the establishment of Robotabc’s global service system also contributes to greener operations and more comprehensive system services.

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