MetaMax scoring system version 1.1.1 officially opened to global users on June 8

MetaMax, the world’s leading advertising and marketing streaming media platform, is pleased to announce that its MetaMax scoring system 1.1.1 has been officially opened to global users on June 8. This major milestone marks a solid step forward for MetaMax in delivering a superior user experience, bringing unprecedented features and performance to users worldwide.

The launch of the scoring system has been well received by users all over the world. Users can rate and earn revenue from content such as video advertisements, music, and event videos on the platform. The goal of MetaMax is to reward the loyal and active members of the MetaMax community and create a more high-quality and diversified digital entertainment experience for users. MetaMax official stated that the launch of the scoring system is an important strategic move by MetaMax to promote the integration of the traditional entertainment industry and the WEB3 era.

MetaMax Scoring System 1.1.1 is an intelligent scoring and feedback platform that provides users with highly personalized scoring services through advanced artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis. From advertising to the entire entertainment industry, the MetaMax scoring system aims to provide users with accurate, timely and valuable scores to help them continuously improve and optimize their work.


MetaMax Scoring System 1.1.1 also brings a host of exciting features, including:

1. Improved smart scoring algorithm: The MetaMax team has further improved the smart scoring algorithm in the new version, enabling it to more accurately analyze and understand user-submitted content, thereby providing more accurate and comprehensive scoring and feedback.

2. New field coverage: MetaMax scoring system 1.1.1 will cover multiple fields of the entertainment industry, including art, sports events and other industries, to meet the diverse needs of global users.

John Smith, CEO of MetaMax, said: “We are extremely proud of the global release of version 1.1.1 of the MetaMax grading system. We firmly believe that this version will bring users a smarter and more efficient grading and feedback experience. MetaMax will continue to invest a lot of resources to continuously innovate and improve our products to meet the growing needs of users.”

Users can rate and like content such as video advertisements, music and sports videos in a simple and convenient way. With the help of the intelligent recommendation function, more personalized entertainment content recommendations will be obtained, presenting a rich and colorful digital entertainment experience in detail.

“Our strategy of applying WEB3 to the traditional entertainment industry is a market-oriented strategy.” MetaMax officials emphasized that in addition to actively supporting the development of the traditional entertainment industry, MetaMax is also fully committed to the innovation of WEB3 technology, and is committed to becoming a bridge between the traditional entertainment industry and the WEB3 era, connecting two worlds full of infinite possibilities.


MetaMax doesn’t stop there, it looks to the future. It is expected that the MetaMax scoring system will introduce a gamification mechanism to stimulate users’ higher enthusiasm for participation. These gamification mechanisms will control access to future collections, events, VIP benefit opportunities and other products, allowing users to gain more fun and enjoyment in the world of digital entertainment.

The launch of MetaMax scoring system version 1.1.1 further demonstrates MetaMax’s continuous innovation and expansion intentions. We have always been committed to becoming the first choice platform for global users to enter the field of digital entertainment, and to create a world for those users who are passionate about creativity and enthusiasm to showcase their talents and creativity.

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