Discover Biblical Instructions for Contemporary Families in David Boudreaux’s New Book “God’s Marriage and Man’s Divorce”

Los Angeles, CA – July 26, 2023 – Renowned author David Boudreaux presents his latest book, “God’s Marriage and Man’s Divorce,” a compelling guide that delves into the complexities of modern relationships and offers profound biblical insights to help navigate the challenges of married life. With a thought-provoking approach, the book encourages readers to trust the Word of God for both salvation and practical guidance in dealing with the inevitable troubles that arise in marriages and families.

In “God’s Marriage and Man’s Divorce,” David Boudreaux masterfully explores the fundamental concept that true unity and harmony within families can be achieved when individuals understand and embrace their roles as equals. Drawing inspiration from First Corinthians chapter seven, verse twenty-eight, the book highlights the biblical warnings of the challenges that come with marriage and equips readers with the tools to address these issues effectively.

The core theme of the book centers on empowering individuals to recognize the struggles they may encounter in their relationships and providing them with a scriptural foundation to find practical solutions. By trusting the wisdom of the Bible, readers can learn to apply these solutions to their lives, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

David Boudreaux offers profound insights through a series of compelling quotes, guiding readers towards a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities within their marriages. With topics ranging from mutual respect and understanding to the importance of judgment and consent in intimacy, the book offers a comprehensive guide to building lasting and meaningful relationships.

With extensive recognition for his previous book, “Lord Jesus Please Help Me Find My Happy,” David Boudreaux is poised to make a significant impact with “God’s Marriage and Man’s Divorce.” This latest release has garnered significant interest online, with previous works being celebrated at the LA Times Book Fair.

As a valuable resource for individuals at various stages of their relationships, “God’s Marriage and Man’s Divorce” appeals to a diverse range of readers. Target audiences include those seeking relationships, struggling in their current partnerships, searching for relationship advice, considering divorce or remarriage, facing infidelity, contemplating parenthood, dealing with abusive relationships, navigating mixed marriages, and those seeking to learn from past relationship mistakes.

The book is available for purchase at WestBow Press, Barnes and Noble, The Book Thrift Store, Amazon, and David Boudreaux’s official website,

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David Boudreaux is a renowned author and inspiring voice in contemporary family and relationship matters. With a passion for exploring biblical principles and applying them to modern challenges, his writings offer readers valuable insights and guidance for leading fulfilling lives. “God’s Marriage and Man’s Divorce” is his latest contribution to fostering healthier, happier, and more harmonious relationships.

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