Exciting New Product Launch for the Multi-Trillion Dollar Sports Supplement Industry After Stock Buyback of 100 Million Shares: Innate Global, Inc. (Stock Symbol CAFI)

Business Focus on the Sports Supplement, Fitness Equipment, and Health and Wellness Industries. 

Acquired Patent for Innovative Sports Training Equipment to Improve Linebacker Training and a Brand of Anti-Aging DNA Repairing Supplements. 

Sports Nutrition and Health and Wellness Market Made Over 5 Trillion Dollars Revenue in 2022 and Projected to do over 8 Trillion Dollars by 2030. 

Launching New Pre-Workout Fruit Punch Supplement for Explosive Energy Boost, Increased Focus and Enhanced Endurance. 

Renowned NFL Coach, Thomas “Pepper” Johnson Joins Board of Directors.

Completed Stock Buyback of 100 Million Common Shares.  

Chairman Brandon Spikes to be Featured in Netflix Documentary Series Untold: Swamp Kings in August.   

Innate Global, Inc. (formerly Consumer Automotive Finance, Inc., OTC: CAFI) is a company with three subsidiaries that operate in the sports supplement, fitness equipment, and health and wellness industries, respectively. 

The CAFI subsidiaries are 51, LLC, a sports supplement brand, The Quickness, which holds a patent for innovative sports training equipment designed to improve linebacker training, and Astound NMN, a brand of anti-aging DNA repairing supplements. CAFI is dedicated to providing innovative products and cutting-edge technology that help people achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Additionally, CAFI is actively seeking to acquire revenue-generating companies to further expand its portfolio.

CAFI is poised to capitalize on the projected growth of the sports nutrition and health and wellness market, which made over 5 trillion dollars in revenue in 2022 and is projected to do over 8 trillion dollars by 2030 (source: Zion Market Research).

Launch of New Pre-Workout Fruit Punch Supplement

On July 6th CAFI announced that its subsidiary 51, LLC, a cutting-edge fitness company committed to revolutionizing the health and wellness industry, is set to launch its first-ever product: the Fruit Punch Pre-Workout. With an unwavering dedication to providing top-quality supplements, CAFI is poised to redefine the pre-workout experience for fitness enthusiasts around the globe.

Designed to fuel and optimize performance, the CAFI Fruit Punch Pre-Workout is a game-changer in the fitness world. Packed with a potent blend of scientifically backed ingredients, this premium formula delivers an explosive energy boost, increased focus, and enhanced endurance, enabling users to achieve new heights in their fitness journey.

Key features of the CAFI Fruit Punch Pre-Workout include:

Intense Energy Boost: The Fruit Punch Pre-Workout is meticulously crafted to deliver an instant surge of energy, helping users power through their workouts with unwavering determination.

Laser-Like Focus: By harnessing the power of advanced nootropics, this innovative formula sharpens mental clarity, ensuring athletes stay focused and driven during their training sessions.

Superior Endurance: The scientifically engineered blend in the Fruit Punch Pre-Workout is designed to delay muscle fatigue, allowing users to push past their limits and break through plateaus.

Delicious Fruit Punch Flavor: 51, LLC understands that taste matters. The Fruit Punch Pre-Workout boasts a mouthwatering flavor profile that makes each serving a delight to consume, encouraging users to look forward to their pre-workout routine.

Led by CEO Brandon Spikes, a retired NFL linebacker with an impressive career, CAFI is committed to delivering excellence both on and off the field. Spikes’ passion for fitness and his firsthand experience in the world of professional sports have fueled his drive to create a brand that empowers individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

As a brand committed to transparency and quality, CAFI ensures that all its products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the highest industry standards. The CAFI Fruit Punch Pre-Workout is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, following strict quality control protocols to guarantee purity and effectiveness.

Renowned Football Coach, Thomas “Pepper” Johnson Joins Board of Directors

On June 23rd CAFI announced the appointment of Thomas “Pepper” Johnson to company’s Board of Directors. With this significant addition to the leadership team, CAFI is poised for an exciting transformation and a rebranding initiative as Innate Global, Inc.

Thomas “Pepper” Johnson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role with CAFI. A highly accomplished American football coach and former linebacker, Johnson has made his mark in both the National Football League (NFL) and the United States Football League (USFL). Known for his exceptional skills and dedication to the game, Johnson’s outstanding achievements on and off the field have earned him a stellar reputation.

Buyback of 100,000,000 Common Shares Plus Chairman Brandon Spikes to be Featured in Netflix Documentary Series Untold: Swamp Kings

On June 20th CAFI announced the successful completion of repurchasing 100 million outstanding common shares. This strategic move significantly reduces the issued and outstanding shares of CAFI, reinforcing the company’s commitment to enhancing shareholder value and strengthening its market position.

The buyback initiative represents a pivotal step in the CAFI long-term growth strategy, as it aligns with the company’s mission to optimize its capital structure and improve overall shareholder returns. By repurchasing a substantial number of shares, CAFI demonstrates its confidence in its financial health and growth prospects, while signaling its dedication to maximizing value for its investors.

CAFI remains steadfast in its dedication to providing high-quality products and services within the sports supplement, fitness equipment, and health and wellness industries. This share buyback program further underscores the company’s commitment to its stakeholders and its determination to create a sustainable and prosperous future for all involved.

CAFI also announced that its Chairman and CEO, Brandon Spikes, will be prominently featured in Netflix’s documentary titled Untold: Swamp Kings. Set to premiere on August 22, this compelling four-part story is a part of Netflix’s sports anthology series UNTOLD and will delve into the remarkable era of the Florida teams led by Urban Meyer. The documentary will explore the team’s incredible achievements, including two national championships in 2006 and 2008.


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