Sontex Reaffirms Commitment to a Greener Future with 100% Recyclable Shrink Films

Sontex Reaffirms Commitment to a Greener Future with 100% Recyclable Shrink Films
“We’re big believers in creating a cleaner planet for future generations. We’ve pushed for and promoted greener technologies since our inception in 1961. That’s why all shrink film products sold by Sontex are 100% degradable,” emphasised Martin Taylor, Sales Manager at Sontex.
Sontex, a Yorkshire-based company renowned for its expertise in shrink wrap machinery, materials, and film, has restated its commitment to a sustainable future with its line of 100% recyclable shrink films.

With over 60 years of experience as an industry leader, Sontex continues to prioritise environmental responsibility by offering shrink film solutions that contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

Since its establishment in 1961, Sontex has been at the forefront of embracing greener technologies, demonstrating a commitment to creating a cleaner planet for future generations.

Sontex takes pride in offering a diverse array of shrink film products, including variants made from Polyolefin, Polypropylene, Polyethylene (Polythene), and PVC. Regardless of the material, every shrink wrap film offered by Sontex is designed to be 100% recyclable, ensuring that waste can be minimised, and resources can be conserved.

As environmental concerns continue to drive innovation, Sontex also takes this opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to supporting the development of long-awaited biodegradables. While true biodegradable shrink wrap films are not yet available on the market due to technological limitations, Sontex remains eager to embrace such solutions once they become viable.

“As of now, there are no true biodegradable shrink wrap films on the market, the technology simply isn’t there yet, but we’re as eager as you for it to arrive. Until then, we remain committed to ensuring that all shrink wrap film on our website is 100% degradable, 100% recyclable, and 100% premium.” assured Martin.

Sontex’s dedication to environmentally responsible practices and their ongoing pursuit of innovative, sustainable materials reflect their commitment to being a driving force in creating a greener planet.

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Sontex is a Yorkshire-based company with over 60 years of industry experience, specialising in shrink wrap machinery, materials, and film. As a leading name in the industry, Sontex remains committed to providing top-quality solutions while prioritising environmental responsibility. 

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