Department of Municipality and Transport (DMT) Wins Five Prestigious Accolades at HBC 2023 International Awards

Abu Dhabi – 27th July, 2023 – The Harvard Business Council (HBC) is proud to announce the outstanding achievements of the Department of Municipality & Transport (DMT) at the HBC 2023 International Awards, held at the Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers. DMT garnered significant recognition by securing an impressive five awards across various categories, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of municipal services.

The HBC 2023 International Awards, a highly regarded event celebrating exemplary accomplishments worldwide, attracted over 2,000 applications. However, after a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the esteemed HBC Jury, only 13 organizations and individuals were deemed worthy of recognition. The winners were announced during the prestigious ceremony, which marked the first in-person event outside the USA and featured distinguished organizations and personalities from the MENA region.

The HBC 2023 International Awards ceremony was made possible through the partnership with Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and was supported by the HBC Platinum Sponsor, Cerebri, and HBC Gold Sponsor, AD Ports Group. The event brought together influential organizations and leaders to recognize and celebrate excellence in various fields.

Among the impressive accolades received by DMT, the department claimed the prestigious HBC Information Technology Award at the Gold level. This distinction reflects DMT’s exceptional achievements in harnessing information technology to drive organizational advancements.

Their unwavering commitment to innovation was further recognized with three HBC Innovation Awards. The first, bestowed upon DMT at the Diamond level, commends their groundbreaking Smart Parks – IoT Platform. This innovative solution has revolutionized park management and exemplifies DMT’s commitment to harnessing technology for the betterment of communities. The second, granted at the Gold level, acknowledged their groundbreaking Abu Dhabi Digital Twin Platform, unlocking new possibilities for urban development. Ultimately, the third HBC Innovation Award praised their pioneering Community Facility Planning Standard Tool (CFPS), revolutionizing community planning processes.

Additionally, DMT was honored with the HBC Professional Award, recognizing the remarkable contributions of Ms. Muna Mohamed Al Tamimi, Community Service Analyst at DMT. Ms. Al Tamimi’s tireless dedication and expertise in community service have profoundly impacted the well-being and growth of the community she serves.

These outstanding achievements exemplify DMT’s relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to enhancing municipal services. The success at the HBC 2023 International Awards is a testament to their innovative approaches and dedication to improving the lives of residents in Abu Dhabi.

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