Veymax X3 Series Electric Skateboard Starts at $499

Veymax X3 Series Electric Skateboard Starts at $499
Veymax X3 Series Electric Skateboard
Veymax X3 is one of the best electric longboards under $500, offering an incredible combination of power, speed, and range.

Veymax Board announced the introduction of its new X3 Series electric boards. It is said that compared with the same type of products on the market, this series of e-boards is very advantageous in price and is very suitable for entry-level skaters.

The Veymax X3 Series comes in two versions: a standard range model (X3) that lasts up to 13 miles and has a top speed of 29 mph, and an extended range (X3 PRO) that can do around 18 miles with a top speed of about 29 mph. The Veymax X3 will cost $499, making it the cheapest board ever. The Veymax X3 PRO costs $559. Both boards have all-new 105mm wheels (now custom-made by Veymax), four different speed modes.

In addition, it uses enhanced foam and increased thickness of the grip tape, effectively absorbing vibration. Its sleek design and sturdy construction make it perfect for riders of all skill levels, and its intuitive remote control makes it easy to operate.

Perfect Choice for Beginners

Veymax X3 Series has also been widely praised in the E-skate industry by experts and influencers alike. Upon its launch, it quickly made a name for itself, being named one of the best electric longboards under $500. Its impressive features and affordable price point have kept it as a top contender in the market, and it doesn’t seem like it will lose its position anytime soon.

Veymax believes that everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality electric skateboards, that’s why they offer Veymax X3 series to suit every need and budget, from entry-level models to high-performance longboards. With veymax x3 series electric skateboard, riders can experience the thrill of electric skateboarding without breaking the bank.

Veymax X3 Series has the performance that either matched or outmatched its competitors, the ride feels that leads the affordable segment and the polish that is much beyond the asking price.

Simply put, for any rider who wants an entry-level affordable hub board, Veymax X3 Series (for now) should be the first consideration.

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