Cyber Tycoon Lithvik Sharma Launched CryptoSuite – The Ultimate Privacy Solution

Cyber Tycoon Lithvik Sharma Launched CryptoSuite - The Ultimate Privacy Solution

Lithvik Sharma
Lithvik, Group CEO at CryptoMize, set the benchmark for Information Privacy Products and Services with the release of “CryptoSuite”. A Comprehensive Privacy solution for the Global elite to safeguard digital assets, conversations, and activities. Embrace cutting-edge security measures and advanced encryption techniques, defending your digital life with unmatched precision and assurance.

CryptoMize CEO Lithvik Unveils CryptoSuite: A Comprehensive Privacy Solution for the Global Elite to Safeguard Digital Assets, Conversations, and Activities

Lithvik, a Cybersecurity Titan, has recently launched an all-encompassing range of privacy and security services, collectively known as “CryptoSuite.” These innovative digital solutions are designed to safeguard the data, conversations, and activities of the global elite with unparalleled encryption and anonymity. The suite of services includes Data Encryption, Data Backup and Recovery, Data Protection, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Communication Security, and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), among others.

The inception of “CryptoSuite” marks a groundbreaking shift in the world’s approach to digital security, with a strong emphasis on preempting any form of digital privacy invasion. By offering a comprehensive array of products and services, CryptoMize aims to revolutionize the way privacy is enforced and maintained in today’s increasingly digital landscape.

CryptoMize has garnered global recognition in over 30 countries for its advanced managed security and privacy solutions. With more than 300 clients worldwide, the company leverages its extensive experience in privacy and security to enhance its offerings and provide cutting-edge privacy solutions for elite clients, including government offices and politicians.

The newly launched services, operating under the brand name “Privacy Enforcement,” are divided into Privacy and Security services to reflect the company’s expanded focus on providing an integrated platform for secure communication.

Dr. Jyoti, COO of CryptoMize, explains the rationale behind the rebrand: “Our early decision to shift from a focus on Privacy and Security products to a more comprehensive suite of Privacy Services necessitated the rebrand. We are still developing some anonymity services, but have managed to provide our clients with comprehensive services through Privacy Enforcement. It represents the maturation of our vision for a suite of products designed to protect the identities of elite individuals and institutions.”

CryptoSuite comprises CryptoBox, CryptoMail, CryptoDrive, and CryptoRouter – products that encrypt users’ data before transmitting it over the web, providing robust protection against cyber threats. CryptoMize’s Privacy Enforcement Service focuses on securing clients’ privacy through Encryption, Anonymity, Data Privacy, Infrastructure Privacy, Information Privacy, and Communication Privacy. Additional services, such as Security Training, Website Security, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessment, complement the overall structure for a comprehensive security offering.

Recognizing the increasing cyber attacks and digital structures, CryptoMize’s CEO Lithvik emphasizes the importance of safeguarding one’s digital footprint from various cyber threats. In a previous interview, he highlighted the need for a modern approach to privacy: “Living a 21st-century life with a 20th-century sense of privacy will not work out.”

Addressing how CryptoMize seeks to resolve these privacy and security issues, Mr. Lithvik Sharma explains, “As the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data continue to expand, so does every individual’s digital footprint. CryptoMize solves this problem by encrypting your data before sending it over the web, protecting against hacking and accidental data leakage. Even in the event of a hack or server failure, the encryption provided by CryptoMize ensures that no valuable data is compromised.”

The launch of CryptoSuite reinforces CryptoMize’s commitment to spearheading the digital asset protection industry. With tailor-made services catering to individuals seeking multi-layered security, CryptoMize offers the ultimate defense against identity theft, hacking, financial fraud, and unwarranted surveillance in an increasingly connected world.

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