Fang Gang’s Mission: Creating World-Class Examples of Chinese Capital Strength

At 9:00 on July 12, 2023, the Zhuque-2 Y2 rocket developed by LANDSPACE, a private spaceflight company, was successfully launched into orbit. This was the world’s first liquid oxygen methane carrier rocket to be successfully launched into orbit, and it was a significant achievement for the Chinese space industry. Fang Gang and his team at Saize Capital were involved in this launch, adding another Chinese sample to their portfolio of successful investments.

Fang Gang, founder, and chairman of Saize Capital, has a long history of successful investments. In 2006, he and his partner Zhu Min founded Cybernaut Investment in Silicon Valley, focusing on US dollar funds. Within a few years, they invested in a series of classic cases, including Spreadtrum, Focused Photonics, LianLian, iFLYTEK, WeDoctor, Continuing Education Network, Xinwei, and Beauty Cloud. Fang Gang’s expertise and experience have made him a respected figure in the investment industry, and he continues to make significant contributions to the development of the industry.

Saize Capital was established in 2015 with a vision of using capital and technology advantages to enrich the people’s life every day and strengthen the country. The investment portfolio of Saize Capital includes industry-leading enterprises like Qtone Education, Xinwei Telecom, Merit Interactive, Atexco, Microvas Holdings, Dongfeng Corporation, Shenzhen Software, Hawking Tech, Hoteam Software, and more. Its investment strategy aligns with the national strategic orientation, with a focus on hard-core technology to create leading domestic and world-class enterprises while promoting the common progress of human society with Chinese wisdom.

Fang Gang’s investment portfolio comprises numerous projects, with Hoteam Software, Zhaoxin Biogas, and Xinzhou Company standing out as prime examples of the investment plan’s main investment lines – software technology, new energy, and environmental protection development projects.

Seven years ago, Hoteam Software, the pioneer of domestic industrial software, was struggling and on the brink of bankruptcy. Fang invested the first round of 50 million yuan in Hoteam Software, which brought the company back to life. The successful launch of the first domestically produced “Chinese Own 3D CAD” – CrownCAD, with fully independent “3D Geometry Modeling Engine DGM” and “Geometric Constraint Solver DCS” core technology, was a significant achievement. This year, Hoteam Software has achieved functional iteration again and successively released upgraded versions of CrownCAD R2 and CrownCAD R3. As a result, China has taken another crucial step in breaking through the bottleneck problem of industrial software, further establishing a domestic industrial software ecosystem.

A few years ago, the Zhaoxin Biogas project faced financial issues and struggled to gain traction. However, through his vision and commitment to promoting sustainable development, Fang Gang recognized the potential of the project to turn waste into treasure, aligning with the national circular economy strategy, energy structure adjustment strategy, natural gas development strategy, and the “double carbon target” for development.

Despite the project’s initial challenges, Fang Gang resolutely invested 65 million yuan in Shanghai Yuanyou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to provide significant support to the Zhaoxin Biogas project. Today, it is the only urban organic waste landfill biogas purification project in Shanghai and the largest project of its kind in Asia. This project represents the power of innovative thinking and strategic investment, demonstrating the potential for progress and prosperity through sustainable development initiatives.

Zhejiang Xinzhou Bamboo Based Composite Material Technology Co. Ltd. has been at the forefront of developing bamboo winding composite materials for over a decade. Their innovation and development of bamboo winding composite pipes have opened new doors for the traditional bamboo industry. The renewable, high axial tensile strength, and good flexibility of bamboo have been applied to industrial products such as pipelines and pipe corridors, revolutionizing the industry.

Thanks to the forward-looking investment of Fang Gang and Saize Capital, small bamboo has revitalized rural areas and benefitted people. The new appearance of bamboo wrapped composite materials has even gone abroad and brought Chinese wisdom to the international community, promoting common progress of human society. The efforts of Zhejiang Xinzhou Bamboo Based Composite Material Technology Co. Ltd. have demonstrated the potential of sustainable development and innovative thinking in promoting progress and prosperity for society.

On December 11th, 2022, Fang Gang was honored to be recognized on the “36Kr Global Chinese Elite” list at the “36Kr 2022 Global Chinese Elite Power100 Awards Ceremony” jointly organized by 36Kr and Kingpin Communications, which further motivated him to seek out and invest in projects that promote the development of Chinese industry and technology and bring about progress and prosperity for society.

Regarding the future, Fang Gang may show more China samples through investment.

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