A Thrilling Tale of a Sadistic Serial Killer

A Thrilling Tale of a Sadistic Serial Killer

In the year 2133, the United States of America is in the grip of terror as a sadistic serial killer known as The Spectre goes on a killing spree. The authorities are struggling to catch the killer, who is always one step ahead of the law. In a desperate move to end the reign of terror, the world’s premier criminal profiler, Dr. Dominic Blackmoor, is brought in to get into the mind of The Spectre and track him down.

This new book, “The Spectre: A Thrilling Tale of a Sadistic Serial Killer,” is a gripping and suspenseful thriller that will take readers on a journey through the dark and twisted mind of a serial killer.

In this page-turner, Dr. Blackmoor must use his skills and knowledge to get inside the mind of The Spectre and work his way through the intricate web of lies and deceit that the killer has woven to evade the law. But as the body count rises and the stakes get higher, Dr. Blackmoor finds himself drawn deeper into the mind of a madman and begins to question whether he will ever be able to catch The Spectre.

With its twists and turns, “The Spectre: A Thrilling Tale of a Sadistic Serial Killer” is a gripping and suspenseful read that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re a fan of crime thrillers or just love a good mystery, this book is sure to keep you hooked until the very end. So get your copy today, and find out who The Spectre really is.

About the Author

I became interested in becoming a writer through watching television as I would watch films and TV series and think that I could envisage better storylines and better plot twists. I enjoy writing short stories and science fiction, but about ten years ago, a publisher told me they do not publish science fiction or short story compilations from new authors, and the only genre they would publish from a new author was crime fiction, and I started to write The Spectre

Book Name: The Spectre
Author Name: Keith Sadler
ISBN Number: 978-1915919847
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