Thurman Co Empowers Organizations Of All Sizes With Its Customized Project Management Services

Thurman Co Empowers Organizations Of All Sizes With Its Customized Project Management Services
Thurman Co. helps organizations manage their projects better by providing superior project management services.

Thurman Co., a company dedicated to providing top-notch project management solutions, offers customized services to organizations of all types and sizes. The company helps small- to medium-sized organizations with strategic technical project management to ensure that project goals, measures, and results are aligned with their business goals.

“We spend time understanding the broad scope of project management and ensuring effective project delivery that can positively impact our client’s bottom line,” says Angela Thurman. “Timely project completion, superior quality, and adherence to budget and scope lead to improved customer satisfaction. It also ensures reduced internal costs and increased project throughput.”

Angela Thurman is at the helm of affairs at Thurman Co., a company with a reputation for delivering high-quality project management solutions.

Angela Thurman trained under the renowned project management guru Dr. Harold Kerzner at NASA Lewis Research Center (now known as NASA Glenn). She has developed a strong foundation in project management and leverages the same across various industries.

Drawing inspiration from her mentor, Angela believes every endeavor, from a birthday party to a complex organizational project, is a project. She emphasizes that success lies in the meticulous execution of well-designed plans.

Thurman Co. distinguishes itself through its comprehensive and holistic approach to project management. In addition to addressing the essential aspects of the Project Management Triple Constraint Triangle (Scope-Cost-Schedule), they integrate quality, risk, and change management seamlessly into their projects.

By meticulously considering cost management, schedule management, risk management, and the quality of deliverables, Thurman Co. ensures that clients’ projects go beyond mere task completion, driving sustainable success.

Thurman Co. goes beyond project management services, offering extensive Contract Management solutions. Their team of experts enables companies to maximize the benefits of negotiated contracts, strategically position themselves for future negotiations, and diligently monitor the entire contract lifecycle.

This comprehensive approach empowers businesses to optimize their contract-related processes and achieve greater success.

Thurman Co. also provides Supplier Management resources and strengthens clients’ supply chains. They can identify high-performing and underperforming suppliers through Supplier Performance Reviews and Supplier Capability and Capacity Assessments. 

Organizations can mitigate risks within their supply chains and assess their maturity and preparedness for automotive, aerospace, and other similarly highly regulated industries by leveraging the expertise offered by Thurman Co.

Angela Thurman offers three essential tips to help clients succeed in their profession. 

  • Communication and Change Management: Ensure that individuals affected by the change understand its underlying reasons.
  • Contract Management: Establish mutually beneficial contracts, avoiding burdensome language that may disadvantage smaller companies.
  • Supplier Management: Conduct regular risk assessments, monitor supplier performance, and implement recovery plans when necessary to avoid disruptions in quality or delivery.

The services offered by the company range from advisory positions to C-suite executives to establishing project management offices and implementing efficient systems.

The mission of Thurman Co. is to provide small- to medium-sized businesses with technical solutions to complex problems with their broad expertise. They help companies solve challenges to achieve their operation goals and improvements.

Many happy clients of Thurman Co. have shared their experiences on various forums. A few are being reproduced here:

Dr. Lisa Palmer, AI Business Strategist – 

Angela is highly skilled in Process Improvement, particularly in Value Stream Mapping. She helps teams identify waste and bottlenecks and to streamline their processes. To institutionalize ongoing continuous improvement, she then ensures that these processes are documented and adopted by the teams as a Best Practice, incorporating the Lessons Learned. 

Lori Nevin, PMP – 

My organization supplied a flight deck component to Angela’s organization, and we worked together to manage the contract and ongoing production of the product. We reduced overhead for our respective organizations from 40 to 4 hours per week. We also initiated a product improvement project which improved the yield. Angela’s attention to detail and risk management guided us to these successes. 

Dan Myers, Sr. Manager, Collins Aerospace – 

Angela was a solid sub-contracts program manager who understood the robust contract’s importance. She also knew how to read, understand, and execute such contracts.  Angela also has a keen awareness and understanding of product and program management and what it takes to bring a product to market, support it, and close the life cycle. She would have my full recommendation in any capacity as a PM.

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About Thurman Co., LLC:

Thurman Co., LLC is a Houston-based project management consultancy firm. With a commitment to delivering excellent project management services to small- and medium-sized organizations, Thurman Co. brings a personal touch to project management, contract management, and supplier management. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to client success set them apart in the industry.

About Angela Thurman:

Angela Thurman is a passionate Project Manager with over 30 years of experience working within NASA, Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunications industries. She spearheaded the recovery for a flagship program to bring it in almost four months ahead of schedule, saving millions in costs, time and reputational damage while meeting a hard regulatory deadline. Angela is qualified in Project Management with a Master’s Degree and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. She has unmatched experience in Project Management, Risk Management and Continuous Improvement.

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