HOUSBRUG, the largest functional beverage brand in the Southern Hemisphere, announced its entry into the Asian market

The surging consumer vitality of the Asian market has made many multinational giants willing to bring their latest intergenerational products to the Chinese market. Recently, HOUSBRUG, the largest functional beverage brand in the Southern Hemisphere, announced that the brand will officially enter the Asian market, including Japan, South Korea and China, in the near future.

HOUSBRUG was created in 2009, co-founded by John House, PhD in chemistry, and Raman Capella, PhD in nutrition, with a core focus on functional daily beverages and confectionery.

As one of the best-selling functional beverage brands in the Southern Hemisphere, HOUSBRUG has the reputation of being a beverage geek, and its products include collagen beverages, anti-glycation beverages, whitening functional beverages, probiotic functional beverages, fat-burning beverages, vitamin nutrition beverages, refreshing beverages and hyaluronic acid beverages, and other specialized functional products. Now, HOUSBRUG has now become the latest generation of functional beverage brand popular in Australia, New Zealand and South America.

In 2013, HOUSBRUG was named the most popular beverage brand in Brazil, and in 2014, it was once again named the most popular female beverage brand in New Zealand; in 2022, HOUSBRUG won the first place in the South American Beauty Drinks Grand Prix.

According to industry insiders, HOUSBRUG’s entry will completely stir up the Asian functional beverage market, allowing Asian consumers to enjoy the changes brought by the latest technology to their lives alongside the global market.

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