The mystery of HOUSBRUG’s popularity among the most popular drinking companion products in the Southern Hemisphere by 2020

On the world’s major social media platforms, a beverage brand is rapidly becoming popular. With its high level of appearance and super reputation, this product was ranked in the list of the Most Popular Drinking Companion Product in the Southern Hemisphere in 2020. It is the largest functional beverage brand in the Southern Hemisphere – HOUSBRUG. From a nameless beverage factory to a globally renowned functional beverage giant, HOUSBRUG’s rise to fame is the result of the combined efforts of research and development innovation and commercialization of academic achievements.

Nowadays, with the health trend sweeping the consumer market, people pay more and more attention to rational drinking, moderate drinking and civilized drinking, as well as to their physical health and quality of life. Therefore, a drink that can safely and effectively alleviate the symptoms of post-drinking discomfort has become a must-have for many drinkers. In 2019, the world’s authoritative medical journal “The Lancet” released a research paper data indicating that 55.6% of males and 15.0% of females are alcohol drinkers. Among the respondents who supported drinking, 62.7% of males and 51.0% of females reported excessive drinking and 26.3% of males and 7.8% of females reported frequent drinking. These data suggest that high-risk drinking behaviors have reached epidemic proportions. It is reported that excessive drinking leads to liver and stomach damage, and also causes headache, dry mouth, nausea and other symptoms, which has seriously affected health and family harmony. Along with the large number of drinking population, the market of antidote drinks has emerged, in which HOUSBRUG has become one of the leaders.

It is reported that HOUSBRUG was officially established in 2009 and co-founded by Dr. John House, a chemist, and Raman Capella, a nutritionist. It is the largest professional functional beverage manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, and its products include anti-alcoholism beverage, collagen beverages, anti-glycation beverages, whitening functional beverages, probiotic functional beverages, fat-burning beverages, vitamin nutrition beverages, refreshing beverages and hyaluronic acid beverages, and other sub-specialized professional functional products, among which, HOUSBRUG’s most well-known popular product is Drinking Companion–anti-alcoholism beverage.

Distinguished from the industry’s traditional OEM production, HOUSBRUG has embarked on a path of independent research and development, scientific research and innovation since the beginning of the brand’s founding. It has created the only life science research institute in the global functional beverage industry, and contracted dozens of scientists with authoritative professional backgrounds in the fields of genetic sciences, nutrition science, and medicine to specialize in the research and development of efficacy-based functional beverage products. It is reported that the team has shared a lot of academic research results not only for serving its own products, but also for the commercialization of the whole industry of functional drinks, and has published more than 10 authoritative papers in major core journals worldwide on topics such as alcohol metabolism and the application of enzyme reactions in anti-alcoholism beverages, which have been unanimously recognized by the industry.

It is reported that in 2022 alone, HOUSBRUG drinking companion products have won the first place in the South American Beauty Drinks Grand Prix, the Best Anti-Alcoholism Beverage Award of Mexican Tequila Industry Association and many other industry honors, becoming a phenomenal hit product that swept half the world.

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