Analysis of the difference between concrete conveying pump and concrete truck-mounted boom pump

Concrete conveying pump is a special machine for conveying concrete. It is equipped with special pipeline, which can convey concrete along the pipeline to the pouring site. The pumping speed and conveying height of concrete are determined by the parameters of the main oil pump, and the horizontal distance is determined by the length of the placing boom. It is suitable for in-situ pouring of concrete in a fixed way, and can ensure the uniformity of concrete and increase the compactness.

The concrete pump and placing boom are installed on the chassis of the car, which is called a concrete truck-mounted boom pump. The parameters of the main oil pump and the length of the placing boom determine the speed of pumping concrete, the conveying height and the horizontal distance. Because the truck-mounted boom pump is maneuverable and flexible and the placing boom moves freely, it is suitable for conveying the mixture in horizontal and vertical directions, and even pouring across obstacles, and is widely used in bridge construction.

“Concrete conveying pump” and “truck-mounted boom pump” are both concrete conveying machines and have the same uses, except that the former needs to be towed and transported by a truck and requires additional support pipes, while the latter is a locomotive body with a freely extending boom, which does not require pipeline.

Concrete conveying pump

Concrete conveying pump

Concrete conveying pump, also known as concrete pump, consists of pump body and delivery pipe. It is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. At present, it is mainly divided into gate valve concrete delivery pump and s valve concrete delivery pump. The other is to install the pump body on the chassis of the car, and then equip it with a retractable or inflection boom to form a truck-mounted boom pump.

Truck-mounted boom pump

Truck-mounted boom pump

A machine that continuously transports concrete along a pipeline using pressure. It consists of a pump body and a delivery pipe. According to the structure, it is divided into piston type, extrusion type and hydraulic diaphragm type. The pump body is installed on the chassis of the car, and then equipped with a retractable or inflection boom to form a pump truck. The concrete truck-mounted boom pump is transformed on the truck chassis, and it is equipped with motion and power transmission devices, pumping and mixing devices, distributing devices and other auxiliary devices on the chassis. The power of the concrete pump truck transmits the power of the engine to the hydraulic pump group or the rear axle through the power transfer case, and the hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump to work. Then the concrete is transported to a certain height and distance using the placing boom and delivery pipe on the truck-mounted boom pump.

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