From Painter Lu Chi’s Perspective on the rise of Oriental avant-garde Art

When it comes to China in the East, the first reaction of some people is that powerful Chinese-made goods are the second largest economy in the world, while when it comes to Chinese calligraphy and painting, most of them still have the old impression of calligraphy, Dunhuang murals, and ink painting. I think so, too, until I met a series of works by Chinese avant-garde artist Lu Chi on gallery in Chicago, and the inherent cognition was subverted instantly. His paintings are abstract and free and easy, with a silent sense of silence, a sense of freedom, and a colorful sense of fantasy. In short, it is like a magnetic field that makes people stop and call it amazing.

The art critic who accompanied me said: in today’s world, the momentum of avant-garde art in Asia is actually very rapid, and famous artists such as Kusama, Zhao Wuji, Wu Guanzhong, and Xie Tiancheng are becoming more and more influential in the international arena. Lu Chi, who has attracted much attention this time, represents the rise of oriental avant-garde art.Because for a long time, only a very small part of the avant-garde artists of the East can attract the continuous attention and recognition of the West, which is often due to the inevitable differences between countries and regional cultures. however, artists who can resonate with the world with artistic language and break barriers in line with international standards are extremely rare. Before, Zhao Wuji did it, Wu Guanzhong did it, and Lu Chi also had great potential to do it. Lu Chi’s art is very popular. It is said that Lu Chi’s works have also received a lot of attention in the Chinese auction market. I believe that as long as he can continue to maintain the vitality of his art, he is very likely to become an international first-tier artist.

Just as Andy Warhol, a famous pop artist, was recognized by most people all over the world, Lu Chi’s art broke the boundary between elegance and popularity and broke away from the barriers between Chinese and Western cultures. He has the artistic charm of the world like Andy Warhol.So when gallery professionals explained Lu Chi’s paintings to us, he introduced it like this: Lu Chi not only inherited the quintessence of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy, but also absorbed the advantages of western impressionism and expressionist painting.Like Monet, Lu Chi pays attention to color and subtle changes in color. Like Matisse, he pursues the simplification of painting language and the strong contrast with the picture. He also pays attention to the free expression of soul, romantic and pure like Marc. Of course, Lu Chi did not follow the old ways, but advocated the innovation of art. While pursuing the ultimate blooming of colored ink, he pays attention to the image expression of his own soul, which in many cases is a visual presentation of a mysterious realm.

Lu Chi’s art is amazing. I hope the art world can pay more attention and focus to the East. We need to stay ahead, but don’t forget that the avant-garde art of the East is on the rise!

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