Need a Break From the Same Old And Repetitive Narrative? Give A Try To These Two Debut Books By Author T.A Welton

Need a Break From the Same Old And Repetitive Narrative? Give A Try To These Two Debut Books By Author T.A Welton

Are you tired of reading formulaic plots and predictable storylines? In need of some fresh air in your reading collection? Do not look elsewhere! With her captivating storytelling ability and creative spark, author T.A. Welton made a literary splash to revitalize your reading experiences.

T. A. Welton lives in Oregon, with her husband, children, and three fur babies. She obtained her MBA from Ana Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts, and has extensive experience as a CFO in the advertising sector. She has always enjoyed telling stories and has worked on a variety of writing projects to unleash her inner creativity. And now, with her passion and expertise for creating captivating narratives, she has released two books, “Mylo128” and “Road To The Dark Path.”

Book one: Mylo128

Discover an intriguing world of perplexing misery when science will put to the test. Sanders Labs has been conducting genetic research in an effort to treat PTSD. This therapy could have remarkable effects on the military. But what if you went a step further and turned it into a weapon to create the ideal soldier? A soldier who would be more intelligent, braver, stronger, and without regret for what occurs in battle. What if everything went horribly wrong, and the test participants developed psychopathy after receiving JM128X with an expiration date of eight months after the start of therapy? Mel Trask, a soldier, has no choice but to search for Joe Morgan in Pine Creek to see if there is an antidote before he and his team perish. Mel and his team will stop at nothing to obtain the cure and exact revenge on Sanders Lab for providing them with JM128X.

Book two: Road to the Dark Path

The fast-paced journey in Road to the Dark Path takes the reader to Dalton’s Grove, a small town where nobody is safe. In The Grove, where the wealthy control both the town and the law, there are both haves and have-nots. Tana Hayes never had any problems with the idea of spending the rest of her days in the Grove. That is, up until she caught Dev Bradley’s attention. He came from one of the wealthiest families in the community. Dev’s obsession with Tana develops into a cat-and-mouse game with a cunning killer who says he loves her and will do anything to keep her. But she is only a matter of time from joining his list of victims. However, when someone is pushed past their breaking point, it can sometimes start a fire that is unquenchable. Tana is a living example of this. Discover her strength as she trains to fight back in order to protect herself and take revenge for those she loves.

When it comes to producing the best thriller fiction, T.A. Welton’s writing is a breath of fresh air. Her ability to craft compelling narratives, create multi-dimensional characters, and have unexpected plot twists distinguishes her as a rising star in the world of literary fiction. Moreover, with a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the human experience at its best, T.A. Welton’s debut novels will undoubtedly make an impression on your mind.

If you are looking for a change of pace and want to explore new literary horizons, T.A. Welton’s debut novels are an excellent choice. The exciting, mysterious, and thought-provoking themes promise to take readers on a thrilling trip they won’t want to miss.

So get ready to be mesmerized as you experience the originality and freshness that T.A. Welton brings to your reading collection. Head onto Amazon to purchase your copy, now!

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