Sustain Meds is transforming affordability in the healthcare industry through prescription drug cost reduction

Sustain Meds’ proven customer-centric approach redefines prescription savings.

Sustain Meds, a leading provider of prescription drug cost-reduction services is redefining affordability in the healthcare industry. On a mission to revolutionize customer access and ability to afford prescription medication, Sustain Meds introduces a customer-centered approach that helps alleviate the stress and cost burden on most customers and their families. With access to a wide range of resources, the company helps achieve the lowest costs possible, guaranteeing customers no cost to service. Andrew O’Neill, CEO of Sustain Meds, had the following to say:

“Sustain Meds was born out of our CloudTop Health business. We kept getting feedback from our pharmacy and provider network that customers kept praising the savings they were getting. We became so busy consulting on savings that we carved it out into its own service.”

Healthcare costs are a top concern for many people today. As the cost of living continues to rise, so does the cost of prescription medication, which has seen adherence to treatment plans drop and left many people unable to maintain their well-being. At a time when the gap between customers and affordable healthcare continues to widen, Sustain Meds stands out as a trusted partner in prescription cost reductions.

At Sustain Meds, customers receive prescription drug services that navigate the complex network of funding resources and programs available. With a dedicated team committed to ensuring customers save the most money on their prescription medication, the company is proud to proactively advocate for customers in solving the prescription drug puzzle.

In what many customers of Sustain Meds have described as a simple, highly-effective, and personalized experience, the company tailors its services to each customer’s uniquely prescribed care plan. Clients are first paired with a case manager who handles the case from start to finish. The Sustain Meds team follows up within one business day with a detailed review of possible savings, after which the company works to complete the case within the shortest time possible. Most cases, whether involving prior authorization, appeal letters for previously denied authorization requests, or delays in the authorization process, Sustain Meds provides customers with their due savings within two weeks.

Through copay reductions, premium reimbursements, prior authorizations, letters of appeal, tier exceptions, and assistance program enrollment, Sustain Meds helps customers take control of their care plan. The company also works with customers’ health insurance agents on formulary coverage options. By working with Sustain Meds, customers are guaranteed the lowest possible costs for their prescription medication. In some instances, customers receive savings in the past months. Moreover, the customers need not pay anything if no savings are generated.

As an Authorized Representative acting on behalf of customers to ensure their treatment plans get through the administrative process, Sustain Meds is at the forefront of revolutionizing access and affordability in healthcare.

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