LOZICS, A Leading Transport Management Software For Businesses offers Unique Solutions To Transport Companies

LOZICS, a leading transport management software, offers revolutionary solutions for transport companies and businesses.

The logistics industry operates in a dynamic and complex environment, facing various challenges that can impact operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. To overcome these obstacles, logistics providers need the right information technology infrastructure. This is where LOZICS comes in. LOZICS is a state-of-the-art software developed by BNG Infotech Private Limited, which has been helping companies to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and optimize their transport processes since 2005.

In response to a query about their service, the spokesperson of LOZICS said, “LOZICS is a comprehensive logistics management software designed specifically for transport companies. This powerful business automation solution developed by BNG Infotech Private Limited has been serving the logistics industry since 2005, helping to address the key challenges transport companies face, including integrating the large volume of data transport companies handle, ensuring accuracy and reducing data redundancy, facilitating communication between transport companies and their customers and providing real-time feedback, checks, balances and comparative reports for several processes like payments, fuel consumption, trip expenses, tire running, etc.

LOZICS offers a choice of modules to cater to the specific needs of transport companies. Its modularity allows customers to select the modules relevant to their requirements. Customers also have the flexibility to choose additional modules at a later stage. The available modules include Transport Operations, which covers contracts, orders, booking, transshipment, crossing, delivery, and POD; Finance & Accounts, which provides for budgets/approvals, billing, receivables, payables, and compliances such as GST and TDS; and Fleet Management, which encompasses vehicle and driver management, permits, insurance, trip and fuel tracking, route planning, and workshop and spare parts management. The top transport billing software also offers add-on modules such as Marketing and CRM, Service Management, Freight Forwarding, Payroll, and 3PL WMS, providing comprehensive solutions to address various aspects of logistics management. Business owners looking for an effective solution for their transport needs should get LOZICS.

The spokesperson added, “At LOZICS, we understand the challenges transport companies face when managing their operations efficiently, and our software was born out of a passion to address these challenges head-on. We believe in providing affordable and value-for-money solutions that empower our customers to adapt to the changing market demands and drive business growth. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we listen to the needs and feedback of our clients, constantly incorporating technological updates and enhancements to deliver ERP software that meets their requirements. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and passion for delivering the best distinguishes us from competitors.”

Over the past 18 years, LOZICS has become the leading transport management software providing transport solutions for businesses globally.


LOZICS ERP is a leading provider of cutting-edge ERP software solutions for logistics and transport management. Those who want to buy truck management software should contact LOZICS.

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