AIMA dazzles the fashion world with an appearance on ELLE, representing Chinese design leading world trend

From simply a means of short-distance transport to a fashion traveling lifestyle, people’s impression of two-wheel electric vehicles has been changing in recent years. Chinese leading electric scooter brand AIMA recently appeared on fashion magazine ELLE. Duan Hua, vice president of AIMA Technology Group, took an exclusive interview with ELLE and presented new AIMA products in the magazine, spreading AIMA’s idea of fashion traveling.

Launched in 1945, ELLE is one of the best-selling fashion magazines in the world. AIMA’s appearance on the magazine shows that the two sides share similar fashion ideas, and that AIMA’s fashion expression and popularity are recognized at the authoritative level. ELLE said AIMA electric scooters are a fashion traveling product full of vigor and that they grasp the essence of romance and charm.

In fact, it was not the first time AIMA appeared in a fashion magazine. It appeared on BAZAAR with Jay Chou in 2017, and again with a group of Chinese female stars in 2022 to showcase the traveling lifestyle of women in the modern world. AIMA’s partnerships with leading fashion media platforms bring electric scooters closer to the fashion world, promote traveling by electric scooters in the world and represent that the Chinese design of electric scooters is leading the world trend.

Over 20 years of AIMA’s development, fashion has been a label of the brand. With across-the-board efforts in promoting the brand through products, stores and marketing, AIMA has been integrated with fashion, and enabled the electric scooter industry to reach global consumers with a fashion image.

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