Anna Pruska is named a face of fashion, joining an array of industry luminaries. 

Anna Pruska, the founder of Le Petit, is a stand-out figure in the world of fashion known for stylish, luxurious creations. 

Anna Pruska is marked by fashion sense, elegant lifestyle, quality and precision in personalized crystal bags. Each handbag is perfectly styled, ranging from small cocktail styles to lavish evening designs. Anna is an intelligent entrepreneur who has successfully established Le Petit’s brand of exquisite women’s handbags embellished with crystals and jewellery clutches that fit any occasion.


Founder & CEO of Le Petit Luxury Brand in Dubai is a shining example of fashion and style, whose elegance, sophistication, and lifestyle have won the hearts of countless admirers worldwide.

Anna Pruska was born in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Anna grew up without a father and gained all experience & knowledge from single mother Iwona, Anna’s biggest inspiration. In Anna’s school years, everyone acknowledged that Anna was gifted with artistic creativity and knowledge towards identifying all the latest trends in fashion.

At 24 years old, Anna graduated with a master’s degree in business administration. Then Anna launched 3 beauty salons in Warsaw in less than 4 years.

Despite all the success, Anna Pruska always searched for bigger opportunities and challenges and sold all the beauty salons seeking to enter the world of art and fashion. In 2015, Anna started career as a luxury consultant and a fashion model In Dubai and participated in Top Model International Beauty contests and was on MTV Lebanon.

Anna Pruska is a unique self-made entrepreneur with an artistic soul, always passionate about exclusive art and high-end fashion, and known globally for designing extraordinary luxury bags with handmade crystals.

In 1995, Anna began the journey of success as a model and then a bag designer, working with top global brands. Pruska believes that luxury and style are adaptable. Le petit, Pruska has created a legacy in luxury fashion that continues to inspire those who admire unique luxurious items.

Anna’s Instagram page is a visual ode to adoration for fashion, style, and lifestyle. From picturesque destinations to fashion tips and entrepreneurial journeys, Anna’s page is a vibrant tapestry of inspiration for young women who aspire to emulate femininity and business acumen.


Le Petit, Anna’s brainchild of women’s handbags, has taken the world by storm, propelled by their distinctive designs and top-notch materials. These exquisite bags, adorned with crystals, set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Anna’s precision and customized touch have made a lasting impression. Anna’s journey is a testament to the idea that there are no limits to what people can achieve with perseverance, dedication, and a genuine love for the craft.

Leyla Milani, Lilly Ghalichi and many celebrities in the US, fashion icons and models from the fashion industry have been supporting Le Petit bags. 

Anna Pruska has become a big success in the luxury bag business with the launch of the Le Petit brand.


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