MetaMax user forum debut: the global interactive community was officially launched on July 6

MetaMax, the world’s leading WEB3 entertainment platform, is very proud to announce the official launch of the MetaMax User Forum. This community aims to provide a free and open platform for global creators to express themselves, share creations, and realize creative benefits.

MetaMax User Forum is a creative and inspirational community, providing a unique stage for creators. Whether you are a video production enthusiast, a musician, an advertising creative or other creative individuals, you are welcome to join the MetaMax User Forum!

In this dynamic and diverse creative family, you can freely upload life videos, work videos, music creations, advertising ideas, etc., and share your talents and unique perspectives with the world. Interact with other creators, explore new creative inspiration, and provide mutual support and feedback.

The MetaMax user forum is committed to encouraging creators to actively create and share, and has set up a generous reward mechanism. Every creator who participates in the forum, as long as the work is recognized by the platform as an excellent work, will have the opportunity to win generous prizes ranging from 30 to 1000 USDT. In addition, MetaMax will also carry out in-depth cooperation with well-known partners such as TIKTOK, Netflix, YOUTUBE, BBC, etc., to provide creators with broader opportunities and benefits.

At the same time, the MetaMax user forum also provides creators with a unique copyright protection and revenue mechanism. Excellent works displayed on the forum have the opportunity to attract the attention of cooperative enterprises and obtain rich copyright fees. This gives creators a double chance to realize their dreams and get rewarded.


Since the launch of the MetaMax User Forum, thousands of creators have joined, actively participated and received generous rewards. By liking and commenting on other users’ works on the forum, creators can not only get a commission of 1 USDT, but also have the opportunity to get an additional reward of 2-3 USDT, which motivates them to continue to create and interact. Metamax officials will continue to encourage its users to publish more creative works on the forum through rewards and competitions.

In this dynamic and diverse creative family, creators share a variety of genres, including stunning video clips, musical compositions, unique advertising ideas and compelling stories. “The MetaMax User Forum is not just a stage to showcase creativity, but also a community where creators connect and inspire. We encourage creators to express themselves bravely, discover their own uniqueness, and gain tangible benefits from it. Whether you are a novice or an experienced creator, the MetaMax User Forum provides you with an environment to grow and thrive.” said the founder and CEO of MetaMax.


Join the MetaMax User Forum now and unleash your creativity! Let’s create a passionate and creative community together!

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