FatBrain AI (LZGI) Revolutionizing Insurance with IntellAgent Advisor and Celebrating an Exponential Financial Uptick

Artificial intelligence has been part of our technological landscape for quite a while, but it became even more prominent with the advent of ChatGPT and several similar applications towards the end of 2022. These innovative tools had the ability to draft reports, sift through complex data, and enhance efficiency across numerous tasks. This sparked a substantial uptick in AI-related equities, many of which have performed impressively in the past year.

Equity markets remained relatively stable on Monday as Wall Street commenced an earnings-heavy week, hoping to wrap up July on a high note. The Dow Jones Industrial Average showed negligible movement, staying close to the breakeven point. Meanwhile, both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite recorded zero change. This month has seen a strong performance from the stocks, with the S&P 500 recording a 2.9% increase, and is set to mark its fifth consecutive month of gains for the first time since the seven-month streak that ended in August 2021. The Nasdaq Composite, known for its tech-centric portfolio, has notched up a gain of 3.8% and is heading for its fifth successive month in the green.

One small cap stock that we would like to draw your attention to is FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc., OTCQB: LZGI). LZGI, a leading innovator in AI solutions for tomorrow’s enterprises, has achieved significant milestones both in technological advancements and financial performance. They recently unveiled their groundbreaking IntellAgent Advisor™ for independent property-casualty (“P&C”) insurance agents, while also announcing an impressive fiscal performance for the year ending May 31, 2023.

A Technological Leap Forward with IntellAgent Advisor

IntellAgent Advisor™ is a potent tool designed to boost productivity and growth for P&C insurance agents, thus redefining the insurance landscape. This AI-backed tool is built upon FatBrain’s proprietary FatGPT™ private data model technology, harnessing decades of industry knowledge from Rough Notes, Inc., a trusted name in the insurance sector since 1878. According to Walt Gdowski, CEO and owner of Rough Notes, “IntellAgent Advisor is a great sales tool that fills a huge gap in technology for Independent agents.” The technology leverages AI to analyze thousands of variables across specific commercial risks within minutes, enabling agents to contrast, compare, and benchmark coverages. As a result, agents are now able to deliver personalized client experiences based on industry intelligence. IntellAgent Advisor™ aims to create a ‘Netflix experience’ in the insurance sector, simplifying complex industry knowledge and automating risk behavior analysis. FatBrain AI is optimistic about the adoption of this technology, expecting to onboard thousands of agents in the next twelve months.

A Record-Breaking Fiscal Performance

In addition to their technological breakthrough, FatBrain AI also announced its preliminary results for the fourth quarter and full fiscal year ending May 31, 2023. The Q4 revenue is estimated at $24.5 million, a remarkable 155% increase compared to Q3, and a significant leap from $129,272 for the same quarter in the previous year. For the full fiscal year, the company’s revenue is anticipated to hit the $44 million mark, up from just $216,166 during the previous year. Gross margins, usually in the 80% range, were impacted this year by a $21.5M contract to standardize data alignment at a 3.5% margin. However, this contract promises to lower data engineering costs in the future and extend the reach of the FatBrain Knowledge Cloud, thereby making it a strategic investment for future growth.Furthermore, the company revealed plans to integrate all acquisitions into a scalable platform for organic growth. It has identified a large number of potential customers and accretive acquisitions and has begun rapidly signing customers. The company also shared its intentions to commercialize the regional cloud and SMEs marketplace in specific geographies. In line with its mission, FatBrain AI is also developing a new offering for SMEs, FatGPT™, to bridge the technical divide and enable data-informed decision-making.

FatBrain AI’s twin accomplishments in technology and finance testify to its relentless drive to shape the future of industries through AI. As they continue to disrupt the traditional insurance sector and set new financial benchmarks, one thing is certain: FatBrain AI is a company to watch out for in the AI landscape.

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