What are the key points of purchasing automatic packer?

With the continuous progress of automatic packaging equipment, automatic packer has been widely used in the production field. The full-automatic packer adopts full-automatic design, with good durability and perfect packaging function. The full-automatic packer is a machine that uses the binding belt to wrap the product or package, and then tighten and melt the two ends through thermal effect or connect them with buckle and other materials, so that the plastic belt can be close to the surface of the bound package, so as to ensure that the package will not be scattered due to loose binding during transportation and storage, and shall be bound neatly and beautifully. So what are the key points to pay attention to when purchasing a full-automatic packer?

1. First, determine the size of the package to be packed.

The packing size directly determines the frame size of the strapping machine you need to buy. Generally, the frame will have a standard size, but beyond this size, customized equipment is required.

2. In addition, it is necessary to confirm the packaging efficiency when packaging.

Generally, the conveying speed of the baler is 15m / min. the binding efficiency will be different according to the size of the bales. Therefore, you need to determine your packaging efficiency and ask the supplier to provide corresponding equipment.

3. After that, you need to consider the number of pieces of your own products to be packaged.

The standard full-automatic packer is set with two parallel bundles when leaving the factory. If users want to bundle more strips, they can contact the manufacturer in advance. If there are more requirements, customized packer equipment can be provided.

The above points about the purchase of full-automatic packer are shared here. In addition, after purchasing full-automatic packer, users need to formulate safety operation procedures, and then train special operators to operate, so as to prevent accidents.

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