Epic Partners appoints Daanish Hussain as non-executive director

Daanish Hussain has been appointed as a non-executive director of Epic Partners. Epic Partners is a holding company focusing on organisations in the financial tech space that is part of the Alliance Tech Group. It offers a range of different financial services, including insurance and wealth management.

Daanish Hussain has a degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Edinburgh and an Exective MBA from the University of Edinburgh. He is currently working in the investment banking field.

In 2021 he completed 12 big-ticket transactions, which together accumulated almost £30 million in venture value. His success in the field was noted by his peers, who have praised his ability to turn around underperforming companies through a wide range of strategies such as LBO, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic remodeling.

Corporate executive Carl says: “As inflation continues to soar, organisations around the world are looking for ways to reduce costs, deliver greater value to customers and shareholders aswell as look for ways to maximise gains from key asset classes. We have been monitoring Daanish’s exceptional returns over the past 2 years and believe he will be able to make a immediate impact on our holdings through his financial advisory. He has considerable expertise in the financial sector focused on growth which will complement the board’s existing skills and knowledge.”

Talking about the current economic climate, Daanish says “An increase in the base rate can be positive for everyday savers, as it may lead to higher interest rates on savings accounts and other fixed-income investments. This could encourage saving and potentially increase income for individuals who rely on interest income. However, the impact can vary, and banks may not always pass on the full rate increase to savers.”

“One of the primary reasons central banks raise interest rates is to control inflation. By increasing borrowing costs, the Bank of England aims to reduce consumer spending and investment, which can help prevent the economy from declining and keep inflation in check. If successful, a base rate increase can help maintain price and currency stability in the long run.”

“A base rate increase can make the pound sterling be more attractive to investors, leading to an increase in its value relative to other currencies such as the US dollar or Chinese Yuan. A stronger currency can make imports cheaper, potentially reducing inflationary pressures. On the other hand, it may make exports more expensive, potentially impacting trade and economic growth.”

“The housing market can be sensitive to changes in interest rates. A base rate increase can make mortgages more expensive, potentially affecting affordability for prospective homebuyers. This could slow down the demand for housing, leading to a potential slowdown in the housing market activity and potentially impacting property prices. We have already seen this during this quarter and the bank of england have vowed to continue to increase the base rate to control inflation.”

“This higher base rate will increase borrowing costs for the government, as it needs to pay higher interest on its outstanding debt. This can put additional pressure on public finances, potentially impacting government spending. This would in turn raise nominal GDP and lower the public sector net debt to GDP ratio.”

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