BISPOINT® has been awarded Excellent Customer Experience – Tax Consultation by the most authoritative 5th Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA)

In a momentous event celebrating excellence in the business world, Bispoint Group, a leading provider of comprehensive business and financial solutions, was honored with the “Excellent Customer Experience – Tax Consultation” Award during the 5th Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA). The event showcased outstanding achievements in the corporate sector and recognized the contributions of exceptional entrepreneurs and business leaders to the country’s growth.

The company offers specialized services with a primary focus on taxation and business advisory. Bispoint Group boasts a team of highly experienced professionals, each with more than a decade of expertise in their respective fields. The establishment of the firm was a strategic initiative aimed at restructuring their services and resources to better serve their clients. Presently, the company employs nearly 100 dedicated staff, including managers, supervisors, and junior associates, catering to the needs of close to 2000 private companies.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Bispoint Group demonstrated resilience and agility by swiftly embracing various social media platforms to support and guide their clients. Through tireless Live sessions, the company rapidly gained tens of thousands of followers on their Facebook page, successfully raising awareness about their brand while ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

In the pursuit of bridging the knowledge gap and helping clients stay informed, Justin Teoh, Bispoint Group’s Executive Director, utilized the company’s resources to create engaging and informative short videos under the “Pei Shui Ge” identity which translates to “Tax Companion” (Instagram: @bispointpsg, Douyin: Justin2929, Xiaohongshu: ”Bispoint Group”). These videos cleverly combined tax-related information with entertaining elements, making the otherwise complex content easier to digest. With over seventy episodes already uploaded, Justin Teoh’s creativity has taken him from biking adventures and visits to durian orchards to trying out Muay Thai and exploring cozy cafes. He plans to continue this trend by experiencing activities alongside clients and sharing relevant tax information.

Bispoint Group expanded its services to meet the evolving needs of SMEs, establishing a Business Advisory Department in response to increased inquiries from clients seeking assistance with valuations, cash flow management, and preparation for potential listings.

With a vision for the future, Justin Teoh affirmed Bispoint Group’s commitment to be the best choice for SMEs. Over the next five years, the company aims to extend its services to 5000 small and medium-sized enterprises, reaffirming their dedication to providing excellence in business and financial solutions.

As Bispoint Group continues its upward trajectory, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower SMEs, enabling them to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. The “Excellent Customer Experience – Tax Consultation” Award from the 5th Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA) serves as a testament to the company’s dedication and marks a significant milestone in their journey towards becoming a driving force behind the success of countless businesses across the country.

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