Design and Delivery of Elegant, Compact, and Eco-Friendly (ECEF) Cleaning Devices – Sealand Tech CEO Yu Sun

Yu Sun is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sealand Technology Co., China, a producer of cleaning devices with integration of elegant, compact, and eco-friendly (ECEF) properties. The company’s key products, cleaning machines, lawnmowers, and vacuum cleaners, are purpose-built commercial cleaning devices which utilize light-weight, portability, delicate appearance, material-saving, multi-functionality, low power consumption, and reduced-emission designs to achieve the quality of Carbon Neutrality, in terms innovative product design strategies, new electrical engineering solutions, and novel environmental engineering approaches. Yu Sun graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, US. After graduate, Yu Sun would go on to found Sealand Tech in 2017 with 2 classmates and friends from his university days. Together with the team, Yu Sun has built Sealand Tech into one of China’s fastest growing cleaning device companies.

As introduced by Yu Sun, “At Sealand Tech our goal is to make the new cleaning devices ubiquitous and evolving. Both commercial customers and home retails benefit from our brand new cleaning devices with enhanced user experiences, meanwhile we facilitate the environmental protection that is long-term sustainable to local community. We design, manufacture, sell, service and support Neo-ECEF, our fully commercial cleaning device. You can find Neo-ECEF deployed around the country, with leading companies continuing to choose Neo-ECEF as their go-to new-fashioned cleaning solution. Neo-ECEF keeps a variety of environments of cleaning, including transit stations and airports, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centers and shopping malls as well as hospitals, schools, and of course home retails.” As mentioned by Yu Sun, “Being mutual fans of Apple products, we aimed of designing cleaning devices with fashioned appearance, compacted functionality, high portability, as well as user friendly, that is revolutionary compared to the traditional cleaning devices with huge size, heavy weight, cold face and heavy metal appearance. When we graduated, we decided to realize this vision and founded Sealand Tech. In the first version of our commercial cleaning machine, the appearance was just like “iPhone series” born in the cleaning device market. Meanwhile, we save the consumption of materials by replacing the metal with eco-friendly plastics, leading to a 35% saving of materials. Of course we enable our products with lower selling prices, achieved by more advanced and compacted functionality design.”

The fast booming of Sealand Tech started at year of 2020, when carbon neutrality became a global focus, and over 100 countries signed a goal of carbon neutrality at United Nations, including US, EU, and China. Inspired by this trend, Yu Sun and his teammates started to integrate carbon-neutrality and ceo-friendly functionalities into their 2nd version of cleaning devices, including designs of emission reduction, degradable materials, and lower power consumption, leading to the value of the products significantly enriched. As introduced by Yu Sun, “Previously we aimed to sell our cleaning devices with enriched functionalities and user experiences, that are common goals for most of the starting-up companies to full-fill the dreams of creating profits and expand the market share. But in recent years we want more. The explicit achievement of environmental protection and carbon neutrality into the cleaning devices, has upgraded the values of our products to serve the society and ecology. Our motivation is naturally inspired and we enjoy to see our company keeping expansion with both services and profits realized.” The cost of product is also reduced by 28% by utilization of design idea of carbon-neutrality. At the same time, Yu Sun’s company received the Angel Investment of 500K USD, and was awarded as China’s High-Tech Enterprise.

“By the talents and hard working of our team, we have accumulated the selling volume of 3 million USD. Moreover, we already gained a sales volume of 1.5 million USD in the fist half of 2023, indicating the fast growing of our market place. We have built close commercial relations with our customers covering hospitals, schools, home service companies, and more other fields.” Currently, Yu Sun is actively seeking a preA round of investment, meanwhile building a close market tie with potential customers globally.

Neo-ECEF cleaning machine version 2.0, designed and assembled by Sealand Technology Co.

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