Welcome to Morocco: Places To Visit and Activities To Enjoy Is the Only Guide Travelers to the Kingdom of Morocco Will Need

From the best tourist locations to imperative traveler information, Welcome to Morocco: Places to Visit and Activities to Enjoy provides the perfect guide for visitors to this beautiful country. Author A. Joudar has created this convenient book to highlight the beauty and importance of this country while educating potential travelers on everything they need to know.

Morocco, the Kingdom of Lights, is known for stunning architecture, rich culture, and beautiful landscapes. This already popular travel destination has landed on even more bucket lists following the 2022 Qatar World Cup.  

To fully enjoy this incredible country and all that it has to offer, potential travelers should download A. Joudar’s ultimate guide: Welcome to Morocco: Places to Visit and Activities to Enjoy

What Welcome to Morocco: Places to Visit and Activities to Enjoy provides travelers 

“Morocco was once a great empire that ruled over land and sea. In fact, it is still a great kingdom rooted in Africa, overlooking Europe across the Mediterranean, with an unparalleled geographical, climatic, and cultural diversity,” A. Joudar begins, setting the stage for a country that will forever leave an impact on the people who get to see and experience it.  

Joudar outlines the basics of what people should know about Morocco, including famous tourist cities that visitors will certainly want to immerse themselves in. Cities of legend and intrigue like Marrakech, Rabat, and Casablanca are all a piece of this unparalleled country with beautiful sea, mountain, forest, and even desert locations. Each city is steeped in rich ancient history, known around the globe.  

The book is then broken down into useful tips, imperative information, and ideas on when and where to plan a vacation to ensure an unforgettable journey.  


Welcome to Morrocco: Places to Visit and Activities to Enjoy is the best guide someone can get to build the perfect trip to this legendary kingdom. A. Joudar has taken the time to compile all of the information anyone could need in one place, adding the ease and accessibility of an e-book that can be read on a smartphone or laptop and be taken wherever the traveler goes.

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