New Online Grief Support Community, Griefity, Revolutionizes the Way People Navigate Loss and Bereavement

The new online grief support community aims to create connections through technology and offer practical support to those experiencing grief and loss.

In a world where grief and bereavement touch the lives of countless individuals, Griefity emerges as a transformative force, revolutionizing how people find solace, understanding, and practical support during their most challenging times. Founded by a small group of New Zealanders who have endured personal losses, Griefity is on a noble mission to alleviate the painful journey of grief and provide a much-needed support system for individuals and their loved ones.

Globally, over 150,000 people die every day, leaving hundreds and thousands of their loved ones grieving, often without adequate support.The effects of grief and mourning can be immediate and profound, leading to an even more painful experience. Regrettably, many individuals find it challenging to provide effective help to those navigating grief, exacerbating the already agonizing process.

Recognizing this critical gap, Griefity’s visionary Founder, Corinne Davies, emphasizes, “Like death and taxes, grief and loss will come to us all. Unfortunately, most people are terrible at helping others through loss, leading to a much more painful experience than necessary. Effects can range from immediate to long-term impacts on practical concerns such as finances, right through to health and wellbeing. We can’t take grief away, but we can create connections through tech to help those experiencing loss where they need it most, and help their friends and family to provide practical support.”

Griefity empowers individuals during their most challenging times through a comprehensive platform that combines innovative tech products with a nurturing and understanding community. The new online community provides a safe haven for those grieving to find solace and understanding. Members can connect with others who have shared similar experiences, fostering a profound sense of belonging and reducing the isolating burden that often accompanies grief.

One Griefity community member, Tomas, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the service, stating, “Thank you for providing this important service. No one I know wants to talk to me about grief, so it is very isolating.”

With a focus on harnessing the power of technology to create genuine connections, Griefity is committed to making a profound difference in the lives of those facing grief and loss. Following the successful launch of their online community in July 2023, Griefity is now working on its next product release, which will reportedly include dedicated apps to help both grieving individuals and their friends and family provide support.

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About Griefity 

Griefity is an online grief support community founded in New Zealand. With a mission to make a difference for those experiencing grief and loss, the organization aims to provide practical support and create connections through technology. Griefity offers a compassionate and understanding environment, allowing members to navigate the challenging journey of grief with a sense of belonging and support.

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