Harvard-Trained Psychologist and Best-Selling Author in Europe, Dr. Liza Varvogli, Is Finally in Amazon Bookstore

From Europe to Amazon, the self-help books of a trained Psychologist offer immediate implementable solutions for all.

Dr. Liza Varvogli is a psychologist trained at Harvard and renowned author of the highly successful “Amazing You” and “Amazing Mom” series, parenting, and self-help books that are best sellers in Europe, having sold more than 100,000 copies and have helped thousands of people. Dr. Varvogli’s empowering books, which focus on practical and readily applicable solutions, have now become available on Amazon, making her valuable insights accessible to a global audience.

Dr. Liza Varvogli expresses her profound gratitude for the overwhelming support her books have received, stating, “I am delighted and humbled to announce that we have reached a significant milestone, the release of our books in a worldwide audience through Amazon. 

It is a testament to the power of collective growth and the genuine impact these books have on the lives of thousands of readers. Seeing our message of empowerment and personal transformation resonates with so many individuals is genuinely heartwarming.”

Dr. Liza Varvogli’s journey to becoming a best-selling author was shaped by years of professional practice and counseling experience, accumulating over 40,000 hours of devoted work. Her series “Amazing You” and “Amazing Mom” were born from a vision to offer readers an accessible guide that eschews complex scientific jargon and delivers practical solutions for everyday challenges.

The core of Dr. Varvogli’s approach lies in addressing specific scenarios and real-life issues that individuals encounter, providing genuine understanding and actionable remedies. Her books serve as holistic guides, allowing readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. What sets her work apart is the flexibility for readers to start with any book and read them in any order, each contributing to unlocking their most remarkable potential.

Customer Reviews:

Customers rave about Dr. Liza Varvogli’s books, praising them for their life-changing insights and practical wisdom.

“Dr. Liza Varvogli’s books have been a blessing in my life. As a busy working mom, I often found myself struggling to strike a balance between my career and family life. However, ‘Amazing Mom’ gave me invaluable tips and strategies that I could easily implement into my daily routine. Dr. Varvogli’s writing style is warm, relatable, and filled with practical wisdom.”

“I stumbled upon Dr. Liza Varvogli’s ‘Amazing You’ series during a challenging phase in my life, and I must say, it was a game-changer. Her books stand out from the plethora of self-help literature out there. Dr. Varvogli’s ability to present complex psychological concepts and relatable is commendable. The books contain practical exercises and actionable steps that have helped me better understand myself and develop healthier habits.”

About Dr. Liza Varvogli:

Dr. Liza Varvogli, a native of Greece, is a highly accomplished psychologist with an impressive academic background. She holds an MA in School and Counseling Psychology from Tufts University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Northeastern University. As a devoted mother of four, she seamlessly integrates her personal and professional experiences into her work.

Her exceptional post-doctoral training at Boston Children’s Hospital, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, allowed her to refine her skills in psychotherapy and parenting work. Dr. Liza Varvogli is deeply committed to guiding individuals in their pursuit of self-awareness, finding meaning and happiness, and achieving a balanced, thriving life.

“Every individual has the right to feel and look beautiful. The reflection staring back from the mirror should evoke love, admiration, and acceptance. It’s essential to embrace one’s imperfections since no one is perfect,” Dr. Liza Varvogli.

To access Dr. Liza Varvogli’s highly recommended self-help parenting books, “Amazing You” and “Amazing Mom,” series, readers can now find her books on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/stores/Liza-Varvogli/author/B0BZS1YSBZ or visit the website below.

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