Lantana Recovery Highlights the Benefits of Group Therapy in Alcohol Rehab

Lantana Recovery Highlights the Benefits of Group Therapy in Alcohol Rehab
Lantana Recovery is a leading alcohol and drug rehab center. In a recent update, the center outlined the importance of group therapy in alcohol rehab.

Greenville, SC – In a website post, Lantana Recovery explained why group therapy in alcohol rehab is successful.

The Greenville alcohol and drug rehab started by acknowledging that confronting addiction and seeking help can be challenging. They revealed that although there are numerous approaches to addiction recovery, group therapy has proven particularly effective. 

The team mentioned that group therapy increases self-awareness and enables individuals to overcome denial. They explained that self-awareness is the first step towards understanding addiction. 

They emphasized that with more awareness of emotions, thought processes, and behaviors, an individual can begin to understand patterns contributing to addiction. 

Again, the addiction treatment Greenville specialists added that group therapy enhances social skills and reduces isolation. 

They admitted that recovering from alcohol addiction is not easy since one may feel lost, overwhelmed, and lonely. That is where group therapy comes in because individuals can interact with each other during group therapy sessions. 

Individuals share their experiences, struggles, and triumph without fear of judgment. 

Furthermore, the Greenville recovery center echoed that group therapy boosts an individual’s self-esteem and confidence to stay sober. The team noted that the desire to feel good about oneself is worth every dime, and individuals struggling with addiction need high self-esteem to remain sober.

They emphasized that self-esteem helps individuals with addiction set realistic goals, have better life quality, and improve social skills by building interpersonal relationships and social skills. 

The group revealed that keeping track of accomplishments and practicing mindfulness meditation are excellent ways to boost self-esteem.

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Lantana Recovery is a recovery center dedicated to extending its services to local Greenville area clients. The rehab seeks to provide meaningful therapeutic and medical outpatient services for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction and mental health disorders.

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