EPWK Offers One-Step Artificial Intelligence Design Service for Users

10 seconds to come up with a company name, 30 seconds to provide users with decent LOGO design solutions… We-AI’d use artificial intelligence and big data technology, through the natural dialogue way to understand and execute user commands and intelligently generate the company name, LOGO design solutions, to help entrepreneurs solve the difficult company name, brand LOGO design and trademark registration problems, helping entrepreneurs save time, energy and cost.

 It is understood that at the end of 2018, the independent research and development of EPWK’s We-AI’d (xwzn.cn) – online AI intelligent design and self-help retrieval services online operation, to provide fast, low-cost “text, graphics, intellectual property rights” for enterprise users. solutions, including We-AI’d naming, We-AI’d LOGO, We-AI’d poster, intelligent site building and other one-stop intelligent design services.

Stable Product Tools

We-AI’d links to the 160 million-plus enterprise registration database of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration and the 40 million-plus trademark registration database of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, which can achieve the integration of “naming + design + data analysis” functions. Users can complete the online company name and name verification through We-AI’d, and also design the LOGO, conduct trademark search and registration, and do a good job of trademark protection from the source.

Smart naming tool “We-AI’d Naming”, based on artificial intelligence and big data analysis, docking ten million registered companies and trademark data, can achieve personalised company naming and nationwide accurate name verification, effectively avoid the risk of company, enterprise and brand naming, 10 seconds to generate business names that meet the user’s needs and preferences, and also help the user analyse the pass rate of company registration and trademark registration. It also helps users to analyse the chance of passing the company registration and trademark registration.

Intelligent LOGO design tool “We-AI’d LOGO”, through the application of natural language understanding, knowledge graph, intelligent recommendation, image recognition, precision algorithms and other technologies, the user only needs to enter simple brand information, can be generated in just 30 seconds with the brand positioning, the user’s personal preferences in line with the many LOGO design programme, and also provides material for designers to design. At the same time, it can also provide material creative ideas for designers.

We-AI’d’s “intelligent site building” tool, can achieve WeChat, mobile phones, tablets, computers, multi-platform responsive compatibility, online editor operation guide is simple and clear. At the same time, through the navigation menu custom function, the module can support custom switches and adjustments, brand theme colours, such as one-click replacement of the entire station personalisation.

In addition, We-AI’d has the ability of deep learning, can be used by the user and feedback information, and constantly improve the algorithm to become smarter, so as to enhance the user experience, to meet the user’s personal needs.

Pro Level Development Team

We-AI’d’s products are able to maintain high availability and reliability during operation, and their stability comes from strong technical support as well as We-AI’d’s senior R&D team’s mastery of the key core technologies of artificial intelligence and big data.

Continuously improving efficiency and enhancing services through technological innovation is the business philosophy that EPWK has always championed. In 2018, EPWK unveiled its big data and artificial intelligence strategy following the completion of the B round of funding. As a result, the research and development of We-AI’d was fully launched.

Under the real-life application scenarios of enterprise intelligent naming and intelligent LOGO design, the We-AI’d R&D team has experienced 8 months of careful polishing and continuous exploration, and the research results have achieved outstanding results.

A Strong Technical Support

In the field of artificial intelligence design, EPWK has obtained 5 patents. Among them are three invention patents with the patent names “a logo interpretation method, device and medium”, “virtual reality-based simulation method and virtual reality-based image simulation system” and “personalised logo layout customisation method, system and storage medium”; and two appearance patents with the patent names “logo design graphical user interface for computers” and “logo design graphical user interface for mobile phones”.

Based on this series of patented technologies, We-AI’d LOGO can not only show users intelligently generated LOGO works, but also show LOGO interpretation and application scenarios in the LOGO detail page. LOGO interpretation includes the robot intelligently generated brand hidden poems, brand LOGO colour meanings, brand text font character, while the application scenarios can present users with as many as 200 VI scenarios, such as office supplies, outdoor advertising, flags, business cards, umbrellas, paper cups, etc.

Focus on user experience to create an industry benchmark. Through the combination of “Big Data + Artificial Intelligence”, We-AI’d, as a self-service design platform for corporate branding, will provide users with more convenient and intelligent one-stop intelligent design services to accelerate the development of enterprises.

It is understood that, founded in March 2011, Xiamen EPWK(Chinese “Yipin Weike”) Network Technology Co., Ltd (referred to as “EPWK”), as a platform Internet company in the field of domestic enterprise services, with innovative business models and technical strength, refined service capabilities, has won numerous awards and widely praised. It is a national science and technology support programme undertaking unit, national e-commerce demonstration enterprise, national science and technology and cultural integration demonstration base.

After more than ten years of development, EPWK has established a “1+N” business model. The “1” is to build and operate the “EPWK” (epwk.com) platform, with creative services as the main content, and to match buyers (employers) and sellers (service providers) on the platform in a convenient and efficient way by perfecting personalised and precise recommendations, trade rules and online assisted work, etc. The “2” is to build and operate the “EPWK” (epwk.com) platform, with creative services as the main content. The platform facilitates convenient and efficient transactions between buyers (employers) and sellers (service providers) on the platform by improving personalised and precise recommendations, transaction rules and online assisted labour; it also provides products and services such as intelligent design, gallery and font. “N” is based on the massive data accumulated by the platform, mining the value of a single customer to provide them with intellectual property rights, taxation, certification and accreditation and offline entrepreneurial space to provide business “one-stop full life cycle” support services, the launch of a product intellectual property rights, We have launched sub-brands such as Easy Peasy IP by EPWK, EpiFinance & Tax, Enterprise Knowledge Certification and First Maker by EPWK.

Adhering to the business philosophy of “creating value for users”, EPWK will continue to innovate in product development and improve service efficiency and level based on a credible and intelligent platform, combined with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, to build a global ecosystem of creative design and software R&D industries, and become a linker, integrator and value-added service provider of industrial resources. linker, integrator and value-added service provider of industrial resources.

PS: On 17 May 2023 Beijing time, EPWK HOLDINGS LTD, the ultimate holding company of EPWK, updated its prospectus with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the ticker symbol EPWK for its proposed initial public offering on the NASDAQ Global Main Board in the United States.

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