New Course Keeps Home Chefs Cool with Plant-Based Frozen Treats

New Course Keeps Home Chefs Cool with Plant-Based Frozen Treats

Kathy Hester, author of The Ninja CREAMi Experience
Vegan Cookbook Author Releases the First Plant-Based Cookbook for Ninja CREAMi Machines

August 3, 2023 – As temperatures soar across the nation, Vegan Cookbook author Kathy Hester has just the ticket to keep things cool with the release of her course on how to make delicious and healthy vegan frozen treats entitled, The Ninja CREAMi Experience.

The Ninja CREAMi Experience is a comprehensive course on the best ways to create the perfect plant-based pint using CREAMi Ice Cream Makers. Incorporating an ebook, videos, recipes, how-to instructions, and FAQs, Hester’s course walks home chefs through the steps of creating everything from a London Fog (featuring Earl Grey tea) to Cantaloupe to Creamiccino and a wide variety of frozen flavors to please even the most daring of palettes. The 30 delicious recipes are easy to make and fit into any dairy-free or vegetarian/vegan diet.

“Kathy is a wizard when it comes to creating delicious, plant-exclusive recipes that are inclusive of everyone, regardless of their dietary style”, says Chef AJ of WFPB Chef & Cookbook Author. “And she’s like an engineer when it comes to figuring out kitchen appliances.”

“I received my Ninja CREAMii for Christmas, and I admit some appliances intimidate me”, explains Christina, one of the testers for the book experience. “After seeing Kathy Hester’s easy-to-follow instructions and recipes, I’m comfortable tackling plant-based ice creams and treats with natural sweeteners. I never would have come up with these delicious treats myself!”

The Ninja CREAMi Experience course incorporates instructional videos ranging from getting started to troubleshooting, an eBook, and thirty recipes for a variety of plant-based frozen creations using a Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream maker.

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Kathy Hester is the author of ten vegan cookbooks suitable for Whole Food plant-based diets, including the only plant-based Ninja CREAMi cookbook on the market. Her blogs Healthy Slow Cooking and Plant Based Instant Pot are full of easy-to-make, flavorful recipes with a variety of options for allergies and special diets while her YouTube channel offers free mini-cooking classes for home chefs of all levels. Kathy’s recipes have been featured in The Washington Post and The Kitchen.

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