Blockchain Consensus Makers: Creating Wealth – GaDi Metaverse Collaborates to Build a Web3.0 Platform with Global Investment Banks

Along with the continuous development of blockchain technology, the demand for distributed applications is increasing. The Web3.0 decentralized aggregation service platform, GaDi Metaverse, developed jointly by Overseas Chinese Foundation and global investment banks, aims to create wealth for blockchain consensus makers.

About GaDi Metaverse

GaDi Metaverse is a one-stop aggregation service platform based on Web3.0, jointly launched by Overseas Chinese Foundation, European Union Foundation, Overseas Chinese Financial Institutions, a16z, Goldman Sachs, Grayscale, and experienced blockchain geeks from both home and abroad. Multiple DAO communities around the world are leading the way in creating a one-stop service platform based on Web 3.0.

The Overseas Chinese Foundation is among the world’s leading foundations, covering fields such as cryptocurrency, securities, physical finance, international bank exchanges, Europe’s offshore finance, etc. It will focus on creating high-quality global resources for the GaDi Metaverse ecosystem so that more consensus users can participate in the ecosystem and share ecological benefits.

The GaDi Metaverse Platform continues to create a new Web 3.0 track aimed at ecological development of GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi and SWAP, establishing a multi-universe distributed wallet storage based on blockchain technology, creating GD wealth management quota flow, helping GD100 mining market value rise, and bringing global consensus users a feast of fair wealth.

The emergence of GaDi Metaverse has greatly facilitated the issue of overseas Chinese fund exchange, ensured safe and free circulation of overseas funds worldwide. It was destined that this scene would become the most eye-catching scene in history. GaDi Metaverse will continue to innovate technologies and applications in order to bring more convenience and development opportunities for mankind.

Characteristics of GaDi Metaverse

1. Decentralization: Based on the blockchain technology, GaDi Metaverse implements a decentralized operation model. This means that there is no centralized control mechanism for all activities on the platform which are jointly maintained and validated by nodes in the network.

2. Aggregated Services: GaDi Metaverse aggregates multiple distributed applications to provide unified entry points for users. On this platform, users can enjoy a variety of services including financing, gaming, art trading and virtual reality.

3. Web3.0 technology support: GaDi Metaverse uses Web3.0 technology to achieve a seamless connection between users and platforms. Users can interact and operate on the platform through their own Digital identity.

How GaDi Metaverse Works

1. Build consensus networks: GaDi Metaverse builds consensus networks to bring together blockchain consensus makers. These consensus makers maintain the security and stability of the platform through verification and validation of transactions.

2. Provide Swap Service: This platform opens a Swap Wallet feature that lets users store assets in their wallet. The platform’s profits come partly from swap transactions, where big investors such as overseas Chinese investors, European and U. S. institutions, etc., deposit their funds in Swap. Fees generated by transactions are used to pay for users’ financial benefits, achieving a true closed loop ecosystem.

3. Public Chain Connector: The GaDi Platform is equipped with strong technical teams, members of top universities from around the world. A set of “Public Chain Connector” systems will be developed separately. By creating wallet addresses, users of this platform can transfer funds over multiple public chains to solve the transfer problem between different chains and achieve interconnection among thousands of chains.

4. DID Identity Protocol: By deploying a DID Identity Protocol, the platform creates a first crypto world ID for all platform users. With this identity, users will be able to travel around the Metaverse world and enjoy all kinds of rights and benefits.

GaDi Metaverse creates wealth for blockchain consensus makers

1. Consensus Award: Wealth management has been launched on the platform so that users are able to get token rewards easily by participating in wealth management. Along with the platform’s development and users increase, the value of these tokens will continue to increase, bringing more wealth for consensus makers.

2. Artwork Trading: As the platform continues to grow, GaDi Metaverse will launch an art trading platform where users can buy and sell artworks. Through investing and trading in artworks, users benefit from the appreciation of artworks.

3. Game revenue: GaDi Metaverse will also gather high quality chain games from all over the world so that users can earn revenue through participating in the game. In some games it is possible to buy and trade virtual items. Users can earn extra profits from scarce virtual items.


GaDi Metaverse brings wealth to blockchain consensus makers as well as more convenience and choice. It combines the technology of blockchain and real life to bring new experiences and opportunities to people. GaDi Metaverse will continue to grow and become an integral part of the blockchain world.

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