Heynext creates a phenomenal explosion: “Gods Coming” DAU exceeded 1.8 million

Gods Coming is an open-world MMORPG created by game developer Heynext using Unreal Engine 5. Sensor Tower data shows that the game is now the best-selling game of MMO category in Southeast Asia’s mobile game market. Since the game launched in January 2023, the total revenue in Southeast Asia for six months has reached 150 million US dollars, and the cumulative number of downloads has ranked among the top five in the region. On July 25, Gods Coming saw its highest DAU in the past six months, reaching over 1.8 million, and its growth is expected to continue to expand its lead in the second half of the year.

In the glorious history of MMO, as the most cutting-edge category in the end game era, it can even be equated with the entire game industry at one time. However, with the rise of star mobile games, game companies have turned to SLG, MOBA, secondary elements and other tracks. The MMO itself fell from the top of the tree and began to decline as it suffered from a lack of immersion, repetitive gameplay, and unreasonable pricing models.

In the face of the embarrassing situation, Heynext shows the vision and world view that a large developer and operator should have. With its keen market sense and excellent innovation ability, Heynext has contributed to the innovation and transformation of MMO.

MMORPG mobile game

Mobile devices are poorly suited to games that are time-consuming, bulky, and require precise manipulation, so the growth of mobile devices is driving the decline of MMO games. However, it is obvious that Heynext does not want to compromise between good operation experience and comfortable visual effects. It re-explores the performance and interaction mode of the game, adopts new technology to make animation, and simplifies the operation interface and internal system. After years of polishing, it has created an excellent MMORPG “Gods Coming” suitable for mobile phones. This is a sign that MMO is no longer being held back by mobile games and will bring new surprises and opportunities to the market.

Create a content-based MMORPG

Even though there are so many new games out there, the quality and volume of a game to attract players is still a major concern for developers, because interesting content increases engagement and improves long-term retention. As a content-oriented MMORPG, Gods Coming focuses on the world view and plot creation, while bringing diversified experience to players with rich gameplay.

Whether it is the difference between the master instance and the different location instances, or the diverse operation ideas of different characters, Gods Coming uses differentiation to enhance the fun and challenge of the game through progressive hierarchical objectives and smooth plot design. For users with different preferences, the game provides multimodal preference choices, which can meet the experience needs of various types of players.

MMORPG caters to audience tastes.

The change of mainstream aesthetics is also one of the important reasons why MMO has entered the trough. The overall improvement of game users’ appreciation forces publishers to present higher quality. If a game can achieve exquisite and clear picture quality and shocking scenes, and accurately match the players’ pursuit of beauty and personalization, it has the potential to attract a wide range of users.

What’s more, players are no longer satisfied with the traditional game experience, and the desire for technology is no longer the exclusive choice of developers. Heynext uses AIGC, a metauniverse product, to support the game. The realistic and infinite world created by 3D models captivates countless players. The immersive needs filled by ChatGPT further realize high fun and high interactivity.

MMORPG lightweight

“Grinding” and “recharging” are two core issues that MMORPG can never escape. Heynext went to the extreme and introduced “lightweight” in Gods Coming to reduce grinding and recharging for players. During the private beta phase, Heynext began to cut down on the burden and unnecessary gameplay of traditional MMO games, thus reducing the daily workload of players. On the premise of ensuring the balance of attributes, the recharge channel is eliminated and narrowed to solve the problem of excessive war power gap caused by recharge.

In addition, officials said they will resolutely safeguard the economic ecology of the game and create a fair and safe environment. Based on this, Heynext’s determination to practice “no forced recharging and no damage to the body” is obvious to all. its courage to break the wrist and the concept of “player-oriented” have won wide recognition in the industry.

The achievement of Gods Coming represents the recovery of MMO game market, and behind the phenomenal explosion is the persistence and efforts of developers. The success of Heynext’s trial may provide some reference for the next game transformation, but in fact, the innovation of the game is more about an attitude and determination. It can be believed that the evolution of MMO is definitely not limited to the present, and its future is still full of infinite possibilities.

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