Win Over Depression and Anxiety with the Help of Manya Meditation Company Ltd.

This spiritual mentor provides strategies that can help clients take charge of their thoughts and emotions

It is normal for people to feel sad and overwhelmed at times. But when one experiences persistent feelings of emptiness, sadness, and loss of joy, that is a different story – it might be depression. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability around the world. Many people silently suffer from it, and the number even rose after the peak of COVID- 19 as people continue to live with the effects brought by the pandemic.

To help people win over depression, anxiety, and all other kinds of negative emotions, spiritual mentor Manya Xie offers her Emotional Wisdom Masterclass through her company, Manya Meditation Company Ltd. The Emotional Wisdom Masterclass has already helped thousands of individuals overcome different kinds of ill feelings and now live their happiest and most successful lives.

The healing masterclass targets the root cause of depression to permanently resolve the issue and prevent relapse. Through this masterclass, students are taught how to be in charge of their thoughts and emotions and take control of their lives. It also teaches individuals how to live a balanced, peaceful, joyful, and awakened life.

“Awakening is happiness,” said Manya Xie. “Depression, anxiety, or any kind of suffering is a chance of spiritual growth, to know yourself, and to be awakened from unconsciousness. When this realization happens, it will transform all suffering into wisdom and freedom,” she added.

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About Manya Meditation Company Ltd.

Manya Meditation offers various healing programs and masterclasses that aim to help individuals win over depression and anxiety, wake up from unconsciousness, and create a balanced and abundant life consciously. Manya Xie, its founder, is a spiritual mentor and author of The Journey towards Happiness.

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